Forcing tulips in the home

Holiday flowers - as a spoon for dinner.One problem: the price is fun holidays downright wild.But there is an option in which, and the money will remain in the host economy, and luxurious flowers will be presented to the woman he loves.

This option is called "forcing tulips."Of course, the process of distillation is quite time consuming, but it's worth it.The main difficulty lies in the fact that the bulbs need to prepare and the substrate in advance, even in the fall.And the storage of bulbs should be treated with special care.And everything else - planting and care - depends entirely on the diligence and assiduity grower.

To distillation of tulips was successful, you should take responsibility for the fall of the preparation of the seed.If a grower wants to get blooming tulips in the New Year, the bulbs in the fall to dig immediately, as soon as they begin to turn yellow.If forcing tulips planned for Women's Day in March, tulips should be left in the garden until until turn yellow two-thirds of the ground part of the plant.

In the first month of storage bulb temperature should be 21 - 23 degrees, the second quite 20 degrees, then it is recommended to reduce to 15 - 17 degrees.To forcing tulips successful, should be allowed to form the rudiments of a flower in the bulb.Therefore, at the end, before planting the bulbs while (7 - 10 days) is maintained at a temperature of 33 - 34 degrees.

paramount importance and that, what kind of tulips for forcing prepares Florist.For New Year's "tulip fireworks' Christmas Marvel suitable varieties, Brilliant Star, Eprikot Beauty, Miles Bridge.If you plan to forcing tulips for March 8, it is best to take a variety Hibeniya, Negrito, Temple of-Beauty, Aristocrat and Frinzhit elegans.

Before planting you need to prepare the substrate.It is made from a mixture of sand and garden soil with peat.It is important to remember that the substrate should yield a neutral reaction.For better breathability in pots or boxes should be put medium-sized gravel, concrete block or river stones.

substrate into the tank is filled and sealed, ensuring a level to a third tank was free.The bulbs are pressed into the ground in the region of the little finger width apart.Upon completion of this procedure, you need to fill up the top soil and lightly tamp.

After the first, fairly abundant watering is necessary to pay attention to what you do not dipped substrate.In case it is necessary to shrink again to add the soil in the container.The first irrigation water nitrate can be added at the rate of 2 grams per liter.

first time, the bulbs should be watered once a week, keeping the indoor humidity is 75 - 80%, and the temperature - 5 - 9 degrees.When the last of the land of the first hatch green leaves, the temperature should be reduced.Now tulips enough 2 - 4 degrees, otherwise germs can be very stretch.

20 days before the planned forcing flowers should begin to raise the temperature in the room with plants.Their leaves at this point should be at about 5 - 8 cm. It should be done gradually, increasing not only the temperature but also the lighting germs.

first three days, the plants are kept in a room where 12 - 15 degrees, then the temperature is raised to 16 - 18 degrees, and introduced additional three - five-hour artificial light.

During staining buds is recommended to reduce the temperature to 14 degrees.Watering during the period of distillation plants should be daily, but moderately, adding water nitrate.During flowering tulips do not need direct sunlight, since the sun will accelerate their wilting and shorten the lifetime of this attempted fresh buds.