Modern energy-saving materials allow almost every amateur gardeners to build on the site a winter greenhouse, even a small area, but it is economically viable.

One of the projects to enable it to make - greenhouse thermos.The walls of this building - the capital, they are built of brick or wood and form a square with a side length of 4 meters.This form is not chosen by chance, because it has the smallest ratio of the total wall area to the total area of ​​the greenhouse, which reduces heat loss.Inside them sheathe insulating coating of aluminum foil treated polyethylene foam.This coating works like a thermos - reflecting the thermal radiation and light in a greenhouse, the greatest effect is achieved when you have a small inclination of the walls inside.

If on land, where it is assumed construction of the facilities, the water table is low enough, the self-made greenhouse can be recessed into the ground about 1 meter.Acces need to equip the vestibule with interior and exterior doors.Under the roof, above the doors and on the opposite side with respect to the vestibule should be set transom coated polycarbonate sheets for ventilation when the temperature rises more than the put norm.

roof made of curved plastic pipes with a diameter of 4 to 6 centimeters.From pipe to pipe should leave a distance of one to one and a half meters.On top of stacked sheets are chetyrehmillimetrovogo polycarbonate, a width of 2.1 meters and a length of just over five meters.Tubes along the edges of the roof are supported through the spacers made for example from polyethylene foam, the walls located at the ends of the greenhouse.

intermediate pipe must be secured by transverse stretching of a thin cord or thick fishing line.These extensions should be placed every meter - half.In order to reduce heat losses through the roof from the inside of the pipes by means of screws and wooden glazing beads or iron strips attached another layer of polycarbonate sheets.Between the two sides of insulation is air space, due to which it turns greenhouse thermos that can save its owner for a very large percentage of the energy for heating.

Building better keep it together "polycarbonate-plastic pipes", since the coefficients of thermal expansion are almost the same, and it extends the life of such structures as the greenhouse thermos, compared with a combination of "polycarbonate-metal profile."

convenient Plants grown on special shelves in boxes the size of 600h300h100 millimeters.To meet their needs in the light energy in the late autumn, winter and early spring require additional supplementary lighting using fluorescent lamps.

planning the construction of a greenhouse, it is necessary to take into account the need to heat.It can be water-heating, electrical, heating, as well as through the direct combustion of natural gas.Toeplitz-thermos winter most of the time isolated from the environment, so the carbon dioxide that is released during the combustion of propane, butane and methane, is not going anywhere, and is used by plants for their own metabolism.One option may be a water-heating heat storage, which is heated in the daytime by a gas burner, and sends overnight available heat.

Very suitable for greenhouse heating furnace "Bulleryan 00", its power will be enough, even for an area larger than 16 square meters.Used as fuel wood waste or woodlogs not cleaved, no longer than 350 millimeters.The chimney should be at least 4.5 meters high and have a diameter of not less than 120 millimeters.