Prayer Matrona of Moscow

power of prayer works miracles.Almighty can ask for a lot, putting his words into the text of the prayer.Prayer helps to overcome a large number of all sorts of troubles and turmoil, and confusion of mental illness.Matrona Prayer has great power.

Blessed Matrona of Moscow - one of the most venerated saints in Russia.She was canonized and canonized in October 2004.

What, then, beautiful chores has become famous this woman and why her so revere?Why do so many people turn to her in prayer and why it is still not overgrown trail to the grave?

Blessed Matrona of Moscow was born in 1885 in the village of Sebino Tula province in the family of a poor peasant Dmitry and Natalia Nikonov.She was the fourth child and the mother initially wanted to give the girl to the orphanage, but after she had a prophetic dream, refused to do this.

Being blind from birth, Matron received from God the inner spiritual vision and a child beginning to heal and comfort the people.She could foresee the social and natural disasters, acutely felt the approach of danger, and her predictions and prophecies helped many people avoid mortal danger.Her spiritual life was filled with compassion for the people, prayers, devotion to the holy ordinances.

In 1925, Matron moved to Moscow, where for many years led the ascetic way of life and died in 1952.Assistance provided to people suffering it, had a Christian nature.For this it is strongly hated wizards and healers.

Long before his death, Blessed Matrona told her to pray for intercession.People turning to her, asking to heal disease, relieve of many troubles and circumstances of life.Prayer Matrona of Moscow - the strongest protection in difficult circumstances.The origins of this power lie in the prayer of the blessed feat.Being a a small child, she gave most of the time the prayers of.Taking the sick, she was reading over the water prayers, and after gave this water a drink.Such water almost immediately gave relief and healing.Prayers Matrona sound unpretentious and simple, as all her words are understandable to everyone.This prayer can be read in all circumstances of life, while not necessarily in critical situations.After this prayer will help in pressing matters, everyday.

Nowadays, when people so often descend difficult circumstances and tragedy, prayer Matrona considered powerful shield against many adversities.Our society suffers from a lack of spiritual life, hatred, anger, envy, and the worship of money, greed.For all that is happening now, and what has been done during the years of persecution of the church, people get diseases such as infertility, heart attack, stroke, cancer.With all the people rush to the Blessed Matrona, and she gives them all necessary help to find new joy, and return to normal life.People who have experienced the miraculous power of the prayers of the saint, know how to be careful to treat this gift.All of them realize that the full healing and atonement is necessary to change the way of life and thinking, learn patience and forgiveness.Prayer Matrona has protected many years ago, it does not leave his people and now intercession.

Today icon of Blessed Matrona of Moscow is in almost every temple, candle beside her never empty.In the image of the saint is depicted with a rosary, which she did not leave.Matron hears and responds to treatment everyone who calls it, wherever they are people in Moscow or in the most distant village.

Prayer to the matron read at night, will be a good end of the working day, will quietly go to sleep, and even give the opportunity to bring the desires and thoughts in order and prevent bad dreams.