How to communicate and work with difficult children?

many adolescents in times of rebellion and youthful extremism called difficult children.This term is not entirely correct, because teenagers are often so difficult behavior is temporary, everything is explained by a riot of hormones that cause young people are very sensitive to the surrounding reality.However, if the family has a difficult child, it appears much earlier.Problems with the education of these children are urgent at a very early age.How to live with difficult child without compromising anyone's mind?

First, let's define some terminology.Toddlers and older kids, whose identity needs, according to experts, to be adjusted, in the psychology called difficult children.It is in any case not a diagnosis and not a sentence.This definition should be considered as personal characteristics, especially since the manifestation of the "difficulties" may be very different.In some children, it results in excessive anxiety and aggressiveness.Others have produced a strategy in spite of disobedience to parents.At the third and all can be expressed in destructive behavior, often quite unconsciously.


reason for this particular child's personality lies, sadly, in the family itself, where it grows.That is why children are often difficult to call people from children's homes.After all, the environment in which they grow, contributes to the formation of abnormal mentality, habits and behavior.However, sometimes a child can grow up to the full, prosperous-looking, family.The reason why children become "difficult", is a microclimate.Perhaps family practice quarrels between parents, physical abuse, tense atmosphere.Or, perhaps, desire and needs of the child, for whatever reason, are not heard his father and mother.

Then "difficult" behavior - a way to attract attention.And it is a very small percentage of children are perceived to be due to congenital or acquired problems with the nervous system.However, even with such a feature of the individual baby can grow developed and integrated into the society person.

What is the work with difficult children by their parents?

Firstly, if you want to change the status quo, start by finding the cause and eliminate it or at least to mitigate.Once the child ceases to be under the constant influence of the pressure due to the conflict in the family, he will be able to reconsider their own behavior and learn how to behave properly.Second, do not abuse children.Do not make too many prohibitions.Strategy connivance of a child gives fruit if all within reason.That is action, obviously leading to the danger of life and health of the child, should be limited.

However, not simply ban and detailed and calm explaining why it should not do.And disobedience and whims leave as is.First baby surprised such authorization do.And then, when will get used to that prohibitions do not limit it in the first place, will disappear by the actions that are carried out in spite of the requirements of the parent, and secondly, it will be possible to proceed to the second step of education.

next step

second step - is dealing with difficult children.That is, you need to talk with any child.A troubled children require much more communication.They need to verbalize every situation in which they behaved correctly.And while talking about her need so as not to slip into the charge of a baby in what he did.We must talk about the consequences of his action and its negative impact on the surrounding world.Then the child can understand that his actions have caused to someone or something pain, trouble and inconvenience, but does not earn a guilt complex.But the most important thing that you need when dealing with difficult children - is patience and boundless love of the parents.