Dream interpretation: the elephant - what a dream?

very vivid and interesting dream is the elephant.Dreams of each author interprets this dream differently.

Miller's dream book: the elephant - the interpretation of dreams

If a man dreams that he is going on an elephant, in reality, this means the purchase of a firm position in the society and the state, as well as honors.The position will be strengthened as a dreamer in business, and in the house.Herd animals in a dream foretells the true well-being.A lone elephant promises little but extremely sturdy case.See it grazing - the elevation of social status of the dreamer by his justice and goodness.

Hasse dream interpretation: the elephant - interpretation

Seeing an elephant in a dream - to attract other people's reality.Ride it - happiness in all spheres of life.See murdered or killed himself - a complete collapse of all plans.

East sonnik

If the dreamer had a bishop, who pounced on him, in real life it will suffer some misfortune or misfortune.If a person sees himself riding on tame animals, this dream foretells promotion.

Gypsy Dream Book: Elephant - what to expect?

If the dreamer is going on an elephant, in real life, he has the power.To see how the animal passes - in real life to get in touch with people who have the power and the ability to get away from this some benefit.

English sonnik

Dream book tells what the dream means strength and health.The person will enjoy them for many years of his life.It is also a sign that it will soon become a very respectable man.

Islamic dream interpretation: the elephant - the value of dreams

This animal represents a formidable ruler, well who knows how to fight, but with an empty soul.Who will get it or sit on it - start up a close acquaintance with the governor and achieve a high position.For a pious man seen in a dream the animal does not bode well.If the dreamer has an elephant trunk - a dream a dream of wealth.Talk to the animals - to be awarded the governor.Run after him - have severely hurt the governor.

XXI century dream interpretation: the elephant - what dream?

dreamed of an elephant - a symbol of recognition, wisdom, appreciation of the mind and faculties of the dreamer.If it is a person in the room - noise transient negative experiences, cramped and uncomfortable.Ride on an elephant - the dreamer may be under a lucky star of luck.This dream promises a special happiness in life.Water or animal feed - getting a good job.If you dream of an elephant's trunk - a precarious position, and anxiety.If an elephant lifted his trunk dreamer - to succeed in real life.White Elephant - the appointment to high office.Ivory - to the joy and success.This dream is very favorable for the fate of the whole person.

American Dream Interpretation: the elephant - both interpreted?

elephant symbolizes something that the dreamer wants to forget or forgive the reality.Ivory - it is in all respects auspicious symbol.This dream is the strength and purity.

Tsvetkova dream interpretation: the elephant - interpretation

A vision in a dream elephant is the rise in life.

Nostradamus' Dream Interpretation: the elephant - which means?

elephant represents the strength and wisdom.However, in some cases, it may mean cruelty and vindictiveness.