Dream Interpretation: grapes - deciphering dreams.

Grapes - this is a very interesting and symbolic dream, which in its own way interprets each author.What is dreaming a dream?Grapes, dreamed a man can be interpreted in different ways.Various interpretations of this dream can be found in this article.

Miller's dream book: grapes - the interpretation of dreams

If you dream dreamer eat grapes, that in reality he will have tempered in the crucible of the big concerns.To see the clusters of hanging in abundance - the achievement of a profitable social status and the ability to give to other people happiness.For the girl is dreaming is one of the most promising.It promises realization of hidden desires.Ride horseback through the vineyards and along the way pluck ripe berries - profitable work and the dream into reality.If you had a grape that tastes unpleasant - reality different from the dreamer any doubts and fears about the cases.Gradually, however, they will be scattered, and the people will restore peace of mind.

Hasse sonnik grapes - interpretation

See - the welfare of the children.Brushes without berries - to deception and lies.Get a present clusters of grapes - a new acquaintance.Brush of red grapes - to the consternation.See how the berries are pressed - endurance and hard work will be rewarded.There are grapes - multiple sexual relations.See bunches of grapes - to achieve the goals to cut them - fortunately in the house, tearing - strengthen personal happiness.Vine branches to dream of happy love.

Freud's dream book: the grapes - that symbolize?

Grapes symbolizes sensuality and pleasure.Is it - give in real life too high her sexual side.More symbolizes this dream that the dreamer does not care about anything that is outside of bed.All family problems, he decides exclusively through the bed.This situation may eventually get bored with the other half.

Tsvetkova sonnik grapes - what to expect?

eating grapes - to tears.If a woman dreams of red bunches of grapes, it is a dream - to the consternation.Get the grapes as a gift - a new acquaintance.

Aesop sonnik grapes - that portends?

Grapes are a symbol of wealth and prosperity.If the dreamer makes him wine, then in reality he will achieve a high social status, respect and material prosperity.Hiding in a dream of the vine - you need to exercise caution and discretion in business.Perhaps the dreamer wants to hurt some evil people.If you dream a dream grapes, which puts the dreamer himself, it indicates that in reality his case budged and went up the hill.Pull the tassels of green grapes, but do not get them - despite the best efforts of the dreamer, in the near future will not succeed.Therefore we should not blame the failures of personal circumstances.

Islamic dream interpretation grapes - deciphering dreams.

If you dream to see during his vintage white and red varieties, it is in reality, this means that the dreamer can always count on in life to help.If you see such a dream out of season, it portends illness.If the dreamer squeezes grape juice, then in reality it will be a servant leader.Eat ripe grapes - to a happy life and health, and if crude - on the contrary.The vine symbolizes the generous, hospitable and a believer.