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The consumer is always right.This trading rule still applies for the past decades.Therefore, the law seeks to protect the rights of consumers, so that they can buy only those products that they really need and meet certain requirements.That is why our country has a lot of rules, standards, regulations, and other regulations that are meant to protect consumers from arbitrary rule sellers.

One of the main actions that provides the legislation is - right on the buyer to exchange or return goods.Terms of returning the goods to the store established in the Civil Code, as well as a number of well-known documents.In these regulations provides for the terms and procedure, return policy.Each buyer should ideally know them.It is important to bear in mind that the rules of returning the goods to the store provides for two basic situations.Firstly, when returning products of good quality, and secondly, in the case of poor quality product.Let us consider each of these situations.

return policy of good quality are as follows.If the buyer had bought the goods that did not fit him on criteria such as style or size, for two weeks, he has the right to exchange it for other products of the same quality.It is important to note: the rules of returning the goods to the store provide such an opportunity only for the non-food groups.However, not even all-purpose non-food products can be returned.The government establishes a list of such products ,null, which are non-refundable.These include, for example, personal hygiene items.We mention also a point to which you should pay attention.Terms return goods of good quality stipulate that you can only return the goods in respect of which there is evidence that it was purchased from a particular vendor.Not necessarily it should be checked, but in any case, such evidence must be.

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regard to the situation when the back of poor quality products, there is the law provides several options.The user can independently decide what he wants to receive from the seller, if he sold him the goods of improper quality.The seller can either exchange it for products of good quality, either on their own to correct deficiencies in the product, or to reduce the price on it.

It is important to remember that the rules provide for the return of goods such actions only if the buyer was not informed of his shortcomings before purchased.If the buyer knew about the shortcomings of goods, but still agreed to acquire it, it has no right to change it.In addition, we should also remember that the seller did not need to return the money to the buyer.Of course, if similar goods he does not, he will have to return the money, but if it has other such products, it can only exchange it for poor quality.The only case where the legislation provides for a refund, refers to the acquisition of technically sophisticated products.A list of such products also installs all the Russian government.Such products, for example, are cars and digital cameras.

To summarize, we can say that the legislation provides for very effective methods of protection of the population, the rules of returning the goods to the store.However, you must know the conditions under which this protection can be realized.Otherwise, even if the consumer has the right to exchange the product, but it has not fulfilled the conditions prescribed, it is unlikely to be able to protect them.