How to Make pensioner

And it came - the next life "watershed".Starting tomorrow, you become a pensioner.Do not be afraid, it will not reduce and refine.No need to go up a little light and run to work.I think here it is happiness.The rest of his life (or as it is called a nerd "survival period"), you can stay at your leisure.

But there it was!According to official statistics (which, as we know, "knows everything"), 60% of Russian pensioners are forced to work after the departure of well-deserved rest.And they do so not out of love for work.Having worked all his life for the good of the state (most of today's retirees began his working life in the Soviet Union) and received by that State "generous" retirement 7 - 8 thousand rubles, pensioner forced to look for a way to earn a living .

How to earn retiree ?At first glance, it is not very difficult.There have always been such traditional "retirement" profession as janitors, nannies, distributors of tickets, concierge, cloakroom, Tutors, sellers of newspapers and magazines.But it is only at first glance.

only segment of the Russian economy, where a modern "reformers" managed to create a truly competitive environment, the labor market appeared.Here the competition an elderly and not very healthy people are students, high school graduates, immigrants from the former "fraternal" republics.

for an elderly person is not easy to win in such a competition.And if we consider that the attitude of employers to pensioners is not much different from the attitude of the state, the picture is quite bleak.Most of the jobs are occupied by younger applicants.

It seems that the question "How to earn retiree" no answer.In this seemingly hopeless situation, there is a real opportunity to earn additional income.This earnings in the Internet.

most accessible work for the pensioner may be the work of a copywriter.Or, simply put, earnings in writing articles.Any special expertise this kind of income is not required.We retired here even have certain advantages.In contrast, young people, the majority of older people with childhood reading a book.Therefore, they have a "sense of language" and a rich vocabulary.

Get the necessary technical knowledge can be computer courses for the elderly, which every day becomes more and more.One option would be to organize a "joint venture" with his grandchildren: Grandma says, and the grandson sells.

Unfortunately, most of our seniors are not even aware of such a possibility to earn a living.