The technology of manufacture of paving slabs - the gradual layout!

Today, it is often possible to meet the roads paved with paving slabs.But not everyone knows what the technology for manufacturing of paving slabs.It has the following sequence:

1. Prepare the forms.They are usually made of rubber, polyurethane, and plastic.Shape initially lubricated with special means, but also the technology allows manufacturing of paving slab pouring concrete without pre-lubrication of the form.Formation of products is made in several cycles, the value of which depends on the shape of the material in izgotvolenii.For example, the rubber mold - 500 cycles, polyurethane - up to 100 cycles, plastic - to 250 cycles.If the form is not initially lubricated, in order to avoid problems in demolding, it is treated with an antistatic agent or outlet five percent hydrochloric acid.Grease forms unacceptable products containing mineral oil.A layer of the lubricant should be thin.Thickening lubricants eventually leads to the creation of a porous product.Attention should be paid, and the temperature during application should not exceed 20 degrees.

2. Production of concrete mixtures.For the preparation of commonly used concrete mixer.While stirring should withstand a certain time range.The technology of manufacture of paving tiles comprises the following sequence: sand mixed with the pigment for 20 sec., Adding gravel mixing time will be even 20 sec., Is added to the previous mixture of cement and wait another 20 seconds, then add water and various additives, subject tothe mixer for a further minute.As a result, the preparation of a mixture it will take about 2 minutes.

3. The processing of the vibrating table.Proceed to fill the form with concrete mix.After the concrete is shaped, it is placed on a vibrating table for sealing.

4. Fill the mixture into the mold.Forms after treatment are put on the Braves.Square plates placed at no more than three rows.Thereafter forms covered with polyethylene, in order to prevent moisture from evaporating.It is necessary to monitor the temperature, which should be about 15 degrees.Additionally, there is no need to warm form.After day tile can be removed from the mold.

5. stripping.For it is used equipment for manufacturing of paving slab.It is called "vybivochny table with vibration."In order to facilitate the extraction of the tile from the mold, it must be heated to 50 degrees in the oven.But not only that tile will be difficult to remove because it might spoil the shape or shorten its service life.

6. storage and packaging.Once removed from the tile forms it is placed on the pallets, which houses the front part to the back.Then she tied with packing tape.

Manufacture of paving tiles with their hands as it is possible.The principle of roughly the same.Just as a lubricant may be any fat solution.When mixing the mixture is necessary to add more water in order to replace the processing on a table with vibration.The table can also replace conventional hand shaking form.Stripping can be done only after 3 days.To make the plate more durable, can be added to a mixture of the wire and various fittings.

As you can see, the technology for manufacturing of paving slab production and the house is about the same.So, with minimal effort you get for your site quality products.