Denim - the most popular and practical material.

Today the assortment of offered fabrics is amazing.But the most popular and practical is still a cotton fabric.It is strong enough, has good hygienic properties, wear resistant and easy to use.That is why the clothes from this fabric favored by millions of people around the world.

assortment of cotton fabrics is very wide.They differ in the composition and method of the fibrous weave, but are made from natural cotton.Let's look at some of them closer.

most inexpensive and spread a thin cotton fabric - is cotton.It is produced by way of a plain weave of carded yarn.Use this fabric for light children's and women's dresses and nightgowns.A specially treated cotton is also used to sew bedding.During processing, the effect is achieved ruffled surface and the fabric does not need to iron after washing.

Another popular denim - satin.It is formed by a satin weave, enveloping weft yarn combed and driveline.Out of this fabric made children's clothing, men's shirts, women's dresses elegancy as well as men's underwear.Clothing from it looks very nice, thanks to the smooth and shiny front side.

Calico formed by plain weave, but the thickness of the gimbal yarn thicker than cotton goods.This fabric has good strength.It is used in the manufacture of men's underwear, bedding and clothing.Things made out of calico, will serve you for a long time.

Velvet - a thick cotton fabric with stripes, which is formed by the tuft bind.It is used for the manufacture of suits, men's shirts, women's and light clothing.It can also be used for the production of shoes.If the width between the strips is greater than 5 mm, the fabric is called corduroy, and if less, the corduroy-ribbed.

Taft - produced from worsted yarns and is quite durable material.Used in dressmaking and men's shirts.It may be bleached, dyed or printed.

very popular today, cotton fabric, which is used for sewing jeans.It has high strength and was originally used for sewing work clothes, but thanks to fashion trends today, it is used not only for making various clothes.Who denim used even in the production of shoes, bags, hats and accessories.

Also popular is a very fine cotton fabric - lace.Weave this fabric mimic lace.It is used when sewing blouses, dresses and lingerie, and also widely used for decorative finishes.

In general, the cotton fabric is represented on the market quite a wide range.A variety of properties and characteristics of the tissues of this group will help you choose a high-quality natural material and make any outfit spectacular.