Jersey (cloth).

The name of this type of tissue takes on the eponymous island located near the UK.However, in this article do not go on this beautiful island, and about the kind of fabric.So, jersey (fabric) is a wool pretty tight knit, which is often added elastane fiber.Also elastane, added a variety of other fibers, helping to achieve jersey from new properties.For example, increased wear resistance.The structure

jersey - the fabric, which is woven from threads made of wool, synthetics, silk or cotton.Using elastane allows us to give it a certain degree of elasticity that has a positive effect on the convenience of things from this material.Things sewed of this type of material, pleasant to the touch, perfect for everyday wear, besides, absorb moisture well.

If you plunge into the history and look at the textile industry, we can see that in its original form for the production of Jersey used a woolen thread.Inasmuch as many have guessed, this fabric originally appeared on the island of Jersey, who was her supplier to many countries.Because the jersey - a dense fabric, it was used for the production of working clothes.It was only years later, she attracted the attention of fashion, and has been actively used for sewing plain clothes.

Many women who can remember what it was 25 years ago, confirmed the fact that the tailoring of the jersey was very difficult.Fabric capricious and resisted making reluctantly.This results in high prices for clothes of high quality knitwear.Such things were not available to all, it was believed that the person who wore them had good fortune.Someone tried at home alone to sew a skirt made of fabric, but quickly left this venture.The most nimble thing tried to sew one continuous seam.Prices for finished products and the very fabric were very different, so those who managed to make their own things themselves, saving a lot of money.

But as you know, progress is not in place to replace manual labor came quality sewing machines and sewing of the jersey has become more easy.Accordingly, prices knitted things quickly came down, and the studio engaged in individual tailoring not turn up his nose at the sight of this tissue.

jersey - the fabric has a number of positive aspects, thanks to which received such distribution.In the first place, things made from this type of fabric, the washing process are resistant not stretch and do not settle.In addition, such things - the perfect solution for those who are going on a journey.Prolonged exposure to the suitcase will not spoil their appearance, and does not need ironing.

But, like any other material, jersey (fabric) requires some attention to himself.Care is dependent upon the type of fibers used in the production.But any type of tissue are allowed to wash in the drum are also subject to pressing and drying.But do not do it at maximum speed.