Why popular Airbus 320?

appeared in the late 80s of the 20th century Airbus 320 from the beginning has a number of innovations, which did not have other aircraft of that generation.Firstly, this is not the first time an airplane pilot has a direct impact on governments, asthere was a wire system.She passed on command from the control handle on the mechanisms through wiring.

Second, the cabin crew was equipped with new appliances.Instead of the arrow displays on beam, which were later replaced by liquid crystal.Third, the first copy of the aircraft Airbus A 320 was horizontal tail.

modern Airbus 320 is different in that its design uses a significant amount of composite materials - carbon fiber and fiberplastika and cellular materials.Their feature is the extreme density and rigidity with low weight.The use of such materials allows a lighter weight and complex configuration of a structure which is not subject to corrosion, and a number of other damaging effects.In addition, the aircraft is equipped with a very important safety measure - a large number of outputs, including four passenger and four other emergency that allows you to quickly evacuate passengers in case of an emergency.

Today many routes on medium and long-haul Airbus A320, whose interior can have different versions, is a popular means of transport.The aircraft can carry from one hundred and fifty to 180 passengers depending on its layout.It provides such a feature, like a flight in business class, which is characterized by an increased range of services and the special configuration of the cabin.In the business category seats are not on the 6 in line with the middle of the passage, what is usually accustomed to Russian passengers and 4 in a row with a wider passage.Seats in this area, characterized by larger size and increased comfort.

Regardless of the class in the cabin apply the most advanced finishing materials.Each passenger is given the opportunity to adjust the position of the chair and individual lighting.Some companies already operate aircraft which are mounted in the headrests of armchairs LCD TVs, where you can watch a variety of programs and movies.

Airbus 320 develops a cruising speed of 910 km \ hour.The length of his body about 34 meters, a wingspan of 34.1 meters and height of 11 meters, payload (maximum) about 16.5 tons.The average distance at which the aircraft used, comprise about 4500 km, with an additional tank of the aircraft can fly 1,000 - 1,600 km more.The model is very popular, however, and it is not perfect, becauseduring the existence since 1988 of the 3,000 cars produced in accidents and catastrophes visited twenty-two aircraft.However, not every unsuccessful landing ends tragically.For example, in 2009 Airbus 320 quite successfully "splashed" on the Hudson River.