What will tell couples sleeping posture?

Have you ever note in what poses you with your favorite ... no, do not have sex (this is you, of course, pay attention), and ... sleep?Meanwhile posture where you are in the realm of Morpheus, can tell a lot ...

  • man lying on his stomach, facing away from your partner, outstretched limbs occupies the entire space.Woman curled up in a ball, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible, and in every possible way shows its rejection.

What does it mean: in their relationship partners do not believe in feelings and not fully understood.He is not too comfortable with each other.This situation is typical during sleep more for couples who came together recently.If after the first night together enough time has passed, such a posture is evidence of serious problems in the relationship.

  • woman lies on her back.The man on her side, holding her hand and can easily be turned to face her partner.

What does it mean: This posture lovers, and separates them from sex just one step.Couples who sleep in this position, do not just love each other, they want each other.Still.In the morning and in the evening.

  • man hugging a pillow, not a woman.Woman legs crossed, hands near the face, as if defending himself.

What does it mean: it is not only psychological but also physical mismatch.That is, one feels alone.However, if you sleep well after an argument, there is nothing to worry about.As a rule, in the morning you wake up in the arms of each other.Will the force of habit.If you sleep so constantly, it indicates a lack of spiritual unity.

  • both men and women sleep, separated from each other, one partner always tries to crawl away on his side of the bed.

What does it mean: the disappearance of erotic interest.Force the issue in this case should not, attempt to reduce the distance or, for example, pull over to the sleeping, causes only negative reaction: can kick or throw on the floor.Without malice, of course.

  • man lying on his back with his arms around the woman's shoulders.Woman curled up close against his chest.

What does it mean: this situation indicates dependence on each other, which is a sure sign of a close relationship and emotional unity.One partner is pressed against the other - it is easy to talk and kiss.

  • woman is lying with his back to the man.Man hugging his partner, her hand resting on his arm.

What does it mean: the same position of the bodies suggests proximity at all levels.Full body contact indicates that the partners easily and comfortably with one another.They no longer need to look into each other's eyes, they are confident in their love.

  • Both men and women are asleep, clutching a pillow.

What does it mean: a clear sign of dissatisfaction with existing partners, spilling over into a desire to find another.

  • Both men and women are asleep, stretched out his hand.

What does it mean: concealed intention to escape from captivity into the wild in the pampas, away from the family routine.

If there are problems, we will not withdraw into themselves and talk to each other.Yes?Love each other, be happy.

Elena Letavina

Articles Source: shkolazhizni.ru