How to refuel auto air conditioner with your hands?

Car air conditioners - a very useful thing in the car.It provides us with the cold air flow during hot summer days.In fact, the system component as reliable as its domestic counterparts.However, he occasionally needs regular diagnosis, cleaning and refrigerant charge.The latter process is the most complex and time consuming, therefore requires special equipment and expertise.However, you can fill with air conditioning and own garage in the circumstances.

Why refrigerant evaporates?

is not difficult to explain this phenomenon.Just remember the conditions in which it operates.Constant vibrations and temperature differences affect the equipment and the connection of the whole system, which is the main cause of natural evaporation of refrigerant.Besides conditioner absorbs several times more dirt than domestic split system.All this significantly reduces its lifetime.

When should fill the air conditioning?

This process can be carried out without periodicity.As a rule, our car owners refrigerant charge only after holes or its complete absence.Naturally it can evaporate a few years, however, manufacturers recommend to fill it every year, even if it is present in the system in the full amount.On new vehicles refuel recommended every 2-3 years.For older cars older than 8 years is recommended to refuel every 10-12 months.

-conditioner refill car with his hands

first step is to figure out how the equipment performs the evacuation of the substance and whether it will be used later.After making sure that the air conditioner requires urgent refueling, Getting Started.

For starters extract himself from the refrigerant system.After that we need air conditioning diagnostics cars leak.For this purpose, the system needs to create a vacuum.At the same time it removes excess air, moisture and various impurities.After that refueling auto air conditioner with your hands is accompanied by the injection of lubricants and additives in the system.It should apply a special refrigerant oil, which, incidentally, also has the property lost during the operation and the air conditioner.Next to the air conditioner refill their hands successful, refilled conditioning circuit and check the pressure in the system.In the process of filling the refrigerant and refrigerant oil should be added in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

At this stage, the question of how to refuel auto air conditioner with your hands, can be considered closed.After these works, experts recommend also produce antibacterial cleaning system.After that, your air conditioner will be as good as new.Thus, the system will be operational for at least a year.

Now you know how to refuel auto air conditioner with your hands.