How does the clutch slave cylinder?

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Clutch - a mechanism that serves to connect the power unit with the gearbox and its subsequent disconnection.If this device will come to the fault, the normal movement of the vehicle will be impossible.In general, the condition and operation of this mechanism depends on the drive.The latter provides the normal operation of the clutch system, namely remotely affects the basket (pressure plate) by pressing the appropriate pedal in the car.The structure of this device includes the clutch slave cylinder, which is also an important detail in the drive.Today we'll talk about it in detail.

At the moment there are several types of drives:

  • Mechanical.
  • Hydraulic.

first drive is most often used on cars.A distinctive feature is its simple design and low cost of maintenance.Clutch slave cylinder in its composition is not included.Mechanical drive has at its disposal only 4 devices:

  • the clutch pedal;
  • adjustment mechanism freewheel;
  • clutch cable;
  • linkage.

With regard to the hydraulic mechanism in its structure contains the following elements:

  • clutch pedal and connecting lines;
  • fluid reservoir;
  • including - the main and the clutch slave cylinder.

Generally this tool is part of the hydraulic drive, the task of which is to take effort, coming from the master cylinder.Also, the clutch slave cylinder is used to move the plug off the system with the pressure bearing.This mechanism is placed on the clutch housing.

How do I know that the car needs replacing clutch slave cylinder?

First of all, about the damage to the device may signal the failed clutch pedal.Also pay attention to the working cylinder if the pedal has a suspiciously mild stroke.

Short instructions for replacing

Fortunately, the design of this mechanism is not fundamentally different from other cars.Clutch slave cylinder 2107 th VAZ has virtually the same device as the "Ford" 1980 release.Therefore, this guide can be applied to cars as well as for domestic cars:

  1. Please put the car on a viewing hole.
  2. Next, disconnect the return spring with pliers and remove the pin from the end of the pusher.
  3. With open-end wrench, disconnect the hose attachment of the tip of the cylinder in a traffic jam.
  4. spanner unscrewing two screws that secure the faulty mechanism to the clutch housing.
  5. Next, disconnect the hose from the cylinder by turning the hand piece.If necessary, apply a spanner.
  6. After that urgently need to put on a new part on the hose, to reduce the loss of brake fluid to zero.
  7. Mount all the parts back and pump hydraulic drive system.