Transfers - is an effective tool in the regulation of the social situation

The emergence of the concept moving or reallocating resources (material or monetary) accompanied mankind for centuries, but it was called differently, and the essence was interpreted somewhat differently.

transfers in the modern sense - is:

- the movement of the results of transactions between the accounts of the subject;

- order the bank in writing to his correspondent to grant a certain amount of money to the specified person;

- transfer of ownership of registered securities from one person to another with the mandatory registration of transfer of ownership in the relevant registers of the company, after which the financial statements, the dividend and the announcement of the meeting must be sent to the new owner;

- using transfer paper is carried redistribution of shares among its founders;

- transfer of resources from the Fund for Financial Support of the regional budgets in the lower territorial level.The share of each subject of the Russian Federation requiring such financial assistance is set by calculation.

Thus, transfers - are different fees that are redistributed at the federal level.

Analysis of the current system of distribution in Russia indicates non-compliance with its function of social protection as a mechanism for regulating incomes, which is in dire need of such support.

why social transfers system of measures presented kind and cash assistance to the poor, not related to their participation in the activities of companies as at present and in the past.The purpose of the provision is the humanization of social relations that prevents the growth of crime and support domestic demand.

share and volume of the sending State to the needs of resources depend on the model of social orientation and may be different.So, in the early '90s in Japan, noted the distribution of social spending 16% of GDP in the US - 19.4% and 27.5% in the FRG, Sweden - 39.8%.

During the economic crisis, the need for social support increases, and in the foreground are the transfers.It can turn into an unbearable burden for the Russian economy and its gradual increase may conflict with economic growth.Today in Russia there are over a thousand regulations, which provided more than 250 200 social benefits for citizens.The number of people applying for these benefits and compensation, up to a hundred million.

device market economy alone makes the inevitable government intervention in the profitable areas for redeployment.Transfers to successfully solve it, because thanks to this tool the government has the means to the alleged direction to meet the specific needs (for example, the environment, defense and development of social infrastructure).

That is why it is necessary to coordinate certain financial flows are directed to the social sphere in the form of the budgets of the national and social funds.

In contrast to the social, public transfers are payments not related to the purchase of goods or services.These include scholarships, pensions, health insurance and certain benefits.