How to build the interior of the refrigerator?

most dimensional object in the kitchen is, of course, a refrigerator.Despite the fact that current models are usually quite beautiful appearance, the bulky appliance still often spoils the design of the room, besides also takes up space.Therefore, in recent years, despite the rather large cost, are becoming increasingly popular embedded options such appliances.

main advantages

The advantages of built-in refrigerators, besides saving space in the kitchen include:

  • more compared to conventional models efficiency.Insulation in such refrigerators is usually performed much better.
  • lower level of noise.
  • large capacity at a relatively small size.

¬ęThe whole" model

owner of a large kitchen is build in the refrigerator of this type."Solid" model to use as the most comfortable.Structurally, they are similar to the traditional, free-standing.That is the refrigerator compartment and freezer they are located one above the other.On a very large kitchen in the suite is often inserted from two of the refrigerator.The result is a big one with two doors.

As usual, two-compartment vertical recessed refrigerators can be equipped in different ways.In commercially available as a simple variants of this technique, and very expensive, with many features.

One kind of "one-piece" units are the smallest models.Embed refrigerator small size can be including under the table top.Thus, this type of good and suitable for a small kitchen.Safe use of such equipment is provided with special ventilation grille.

modular model

This refrigerator is more suitable for a small kitchen or a room with an original design.In this case, the freezer can be located above the main, and right or left.Furthermore, in addition to such models often are produced all sorts of drawers, shelves and wine boxes.

main design features

Dizayn Refrigerators any models are pretty cheesy.And this is quite understandable.After all, in any case, the body of the unit after installation will be hidden by decorative panels headset.The main producer of these preference is given to household appliances improve its performance.Exterior view of the built-in refrigerators can be called a man-made rather than the household.Metal housing have no built-in models.Instead, there are special hinges, which after installation hung decorative panels.

Another feature is a built-in refrigerators unusual design of the door.Plan kitchen in a modern apartment can be very different.And why not say in advance which way is more convenient to open the refrigerator.Doors in embedded models of mobile.That is, the unit can be opened in either direction.This allows you to build a refrigerator at a desired location kitchen.

Features installation

General layout and fastening embedded refrigerators do not exist.Each manufacturer makes specific model instruction in which all the details and sign the installation procedure.Improper location may not perform engineering and even its quick destruction.Therefore, the installation of built-in refrigerators are usually trusted by professionals.Do it yourself is not recommended.

General rules of installation built-in refrigerators are:

  • cabinet, which will be placed in the model should be roomy.If not provided around the presence of sufficient free space of the refrigerator, during the operation it will begin to overheat.
  • in the rear of the cabinet must be provided ventilation openings.
  • cabinet must be equipped with special accessories to open its doors at the same time and the door of the refrigerator.This will install the refrigerator without hassle.
  • Some models have built a very beautiful door of modern design.Such coolers are installed in open lockers.
  • in the basement kitchen units installed when you install a special grille, designed for removing the unit from the supply of warm air and cold.

As you can see, furniture under the built-in refrigerator, as well as under other similar technique is better not to buy in the store, and the order in the workshop in advance to determine the model units and appliances.

methods of fastening the door

Embed refrigerator correctly - is, among other things, means more reliable and secure it on the front door set.Fixation can be made:

  • With special hinges. In this case, the refrigerator door and facade are fastened tightly as possible and form a single monolithic structure.Both doors can be opened at the same time very well - up to 115 degrees.
  • By runners. refrigerator door in a design moves on horizontal rails.The disadvantage of this solution is the difficulty in taking care of a wardrobe.A door between the unit and the facade in such fastening stuffed a lot of dirt.Open refrigerator mounted with this method, only 90 degrees.

Features of operation: hinges

Use built-in refrigerator no more difficult than usual.However, some details still available.They mainly relate to the door unit.This detail is embedded in many refrigerators is considered a weakness.The load on the hinges of these models quite serious, and therefore useless, they come more often than conventional aggregates.Of course, the door built-in model do not overload or opening it wider than normal.When you break the loop stops refrigerator tightly closed.As a result, the engine begins to operate without interruption and quickly breaks down.Therefore, such a problem if it occurs, remove immediately.Hinges, built-in refrigerator can be bought in a specialty store or order online.Cost of the set, depending on the model of the machine may be from 1500 to 4000 rubles.

The design of hinges for built-in refrigerators resemble furniture.However, they weighed all the best and trust specialist.Also in this case the owners do not have to waste time searching for the right exactly to the specific assembly kit.When you call the master will only need to give the dispatcher information about this cooler, and the loop will be delivered to your home.It is necessary to work on their replacement is usually about 2000 rubles.

most popular models

People who decide to buy a similar technique for its cuisine, often interested in what is the best built-in refrigerator is available in the modern domestic home appliances market at the moment.Marks are reliable, long lasting and easy to use, there are actually quite a lot.Below, we consider the most popular.

Refrigerators Zanussi

Judging by the reviews of buyers, the main advantages of units of this brand can be considered a big capacity in a compact size, a functional and comfortable shelves.Having bought a built-in refrigerator Zanussi, you will get a reliable technique, which certainly will work smoothly for many years.One of the features of all models of this brand is a built-in fan.It works virtually silent, and the use of it is essential.A common misfortune of all refrigerators and air stagnation is the accumulation of not too pleasant smell.Aggregates brand Zanussi, thus devoid of this disadvantage.Also, in many models have a useful function Frost Free, the most convenient way to look for appliances.

The disadvantages of this brand consumers are primarily concerned not too thick plastic drawers and several underfulfilled temperature controller.

Refrigerators Liebherr

Concern, producing refrigerators of this brand was founded in 1949.In mass production, they were launched in 1955. At the moment, the plants of the company are located in many EU countries.The main advantages of the brand Liebherr units can be called a display with a simple and intuitive menu function No Frost and low energy class.Currently, the company produces more than 200 models of refrigerators.Especially popular with the brand Liebherr embeddable refrigerator - a reliable and very roomy.

the downside units of this brand can be identified that they have as a result of corrosion of aluminum piping sometimes there are leaks.

Refrigerators Neff

Plus units of this mark is considered to be primarily the quality of performance (very durable plastic inside).Thanks to the good food in the refrigerator thermostat this manufacturer can stay fresh for a long time.For example, herbs and apples are stored a month.Deficiencies refrigerator Neff built almost does not matter.Its disadvantages include housewives only slightly elevated levels of noise and not too much camera.

Other brands for sale at the moment, there are other very reliable and not too expensive brands of built-in refrigerators.As an example, Hotpoint-Ariston, "Atlas", "Indesit" and so on. D. Especially popular with housewives enjoy quality German built refrigerator Bosch.The main advantages of this brand units applies primarily reliability and quiet operation.In addition, the model of "Bosch" are able to maintain the cold for a long time after switching off.

Small Refrigerators

a small kitchen, as a rule, are set and not too marker kitchen sets.Modern manufacturers provide consumers a great opportunity to equip built-in refrigerators and such premises.Small models can be of lower quality and practical than large.For example, owners of a small kitchen should think about choosing Liebherr models UIK 1424. It built a small refrigerator can be easily placed in any of the cabinet under the sink.

Another wonderful option of such equipment should be called Hotpoint-Ariston BTSZ1632.In addition to reliability, this model has a very low cost.It will cost a holodilnichek twice cheaper Liebherr.