A good stroller for newborns.

Nowadays there is a huge selection of products for children.Therefore, the future parents raises the legitimate question of what is a good stroller for newborns.The market offers products from different manufacturers, price points and functionality.

Criteria evaluations

To understand the abundance of models and their functions should be reviewed at the upcoming purchase of three points:

  1. physiological and comfortable position of the child.The bottom should be smooth and hard, and mitigated only foam mattress.The cradle should be fairly warm, and not to pass wind.We also need protection from the sun and rain in the form of a hood and cloak.
  2. functionality to use.It is estimated by the simplicity of the assembly.Also, the ability to pass on, to overcome obstacles such as snow, mud pit.Besides, maybe there are a number of additional functions - change the height and direction of the handle, inspection holes, pockets, carrying handles, and much more.
  3. type strollers.This can only be set or cradle, which can be mounted on the base and the cradle, seat and walking.Also available commercially transform the model, but it is not the best stroller for a newborn.But among them, you can choose the desired option.

purchase requirements

All variants can be divided by price category for luxury and more budget.Their difference will be primarily in the cost.Brand products can be purchased in two or three times more expensive than more modest products manufacturer.But this does not mean that the cheapest option would be worse than to serve.

course, a good stroller for babies, purchased a 40-TR will differ on the quality of the one that was purchased at half the price.To choose the best option, you need to determine the requirements for the upcoming purchase and the number of resources that parents are willing to spend on this product.

When you purchase is necessary to consider the further fate of the acquisition.If you plan to use that thing will be other children from an environment of friends or relatives, it makes sense to invest.But if there are plans to sell the product after use, then you need to consider that the market for used items can fetch only a fraction of the original cost.And this figure will be similar for both the expensive models, and for cheaper options.


good stroller for babies can be a domestic or foreign production.We products different companies have their own advantages and disadvantages.The most expensive options are made in Italy, Britain, Germany and Portugal.Polish more affordable models.In the public sector have settled Chinese and Russian producers.

company Peg Perego

This Italian company has the famous brand name.They produce a lot of products for children of different combinations.Since commercially available classical cradle, a set of "three in one" walking options.

unusual merit of this company - the ability to connect various component parts, choosing the product just for their needs.Thus, at one and the same chassis can be installed three types of child seats - recumbent cradle, strollers and car seat.Furthermore, special fasteners designed to fix the module in the car.Peg Perego - a good stroller for newborns.Cradle on it is removed very easily, and its bottom has a special rounded shape, easy-to-wiggles and leg locks.This allows the unit to use not only outdoors but also at home as a permanent bed.

Thus, these and other components can be purchased as needed, without worrying that something might not be appropriate.It also saves owners from experience that bought the thing for the future may not come in handy.A major shortcoming of this manufacturer is the high price.In addition, the massive construction has quite a lot of weight, so Peg Perego can be and the best stroller for a newborn, reviews, however, say that the mother alone to enjoy this thing is not always convenient.

Manufacturer Chicco

The catalogs of this company can be found a lot of options for all occasions.All models are very functional in terms of the city - the compact size of the frame, maneuverable wheels, relatively light weight.To move in the elevator, on the sidewalks, and even in public transport - it is the best stroller.For newborn summer is fine - it does not need a large size bed.It is very compact, so can easily be placed on the balcony, where you can organize a place to sleep.

The negative quality is rigid chassis without depreciation.Because this is very difficult movement on uneven surfaces, including snow or mud.To avoid disappointment, be sure to understand what is best for babies strollers.Reviews say that this product is perfect for trips to the shops, as well as use in the city during the warm season.

company Inglesina

Like many other manufacturers, has a full range of different models.The abundance of available line as the cradles of classic as well as sets of three modules.The basic set includes all the necessary items.On the question of what is best for babies strollers, reviews unanimously assert the superiority of the chassis system Ergo Bike over other counterparts.This design has a high maneuverability and smooth running motion.Therefore, the model of the company is very convenient to use in the forest areas and in the cold season, the presence of precipitation.The only significant drawback of this plan is the product considerable weight.

German model Hartan

Very compact and maneuverable stroller for newborns.Ranking of the best products puts this version of the first.This model has many advanced features for the convenience of parents and the kid.Among them are the ability to rotate the handle while moving back and forth.Also, the whole set is small enough weight, which makes it attractive for use in urban apartments.The disadvantage is the lack of designated depreciation on the front wheels.Because of this, the product is bad moves over uneven surfaces.

company Silvercross

British products are of high quality and excellent design.The same properties have strollers for infants.Ranking of the best models reflects the practicality and ease of use.The commercially available versions of Transformers, which can be used from birth, and sets of two modules and chassis.The frame is also present in classical and light version.As with almost all foreign-made products, is suffering the smooth circulation of the suspension.Because of that uncomfortable to carry over bumps.

Model Bebecar

Portuguese company, like many others, is engaged in the production of goods for children.In their arsenal there are best strollers for infants.Ratings and reviews say about a lot of the advantages of these products.Among them are a great continuity, a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces, narrow chassis that allows easy use elevators.Also can serve as a complementary opportunity to use the cradle in the car.In addition, the bed is very warm, it is suitable for cold winters.Differ commodity firms Bebecar stylish and modern design.A significant drawback is the high weight and the lack of additional accessories included.

Polish producers

Among them are Caramelo, Roan, TAKO, Lonex, Baby Design.Most often, buyers are turning their attention to variants of the two in one.Depending on the preferences of the parents of them may also be the best stroller for newborns.Rating said about the right balance of price and quality.The models of these firms, as a rule, are reliable.But in this price category most exceptions occur.So, the company Caramelo inside of the fabric can lose quality after washing.Company Roan do not favor for the poor maneuverability, noisy and uncomfortable hood headrest.Other manufacturers encountered problems with the chassis and the complexity of assembly.So, in order to remove the cradle from the frame, it is necessary to work hard, there are a number of other shortcomings.

Russian carriages

Little Trek - a great budget option.It has excellent permeability, mild stroke, low weight, relative to its category, it is difficult not to deliver on the steps and curbs.Inferior to foreign analogues in appearance.Also withstand competition mark "Sagittarius".It has disadvantages similar to examples of foreign manufacture.Thus, increased maneuverability negative impact on depreciation.But the design of the base of three large wheel has a very high permeability.