How to make a music block in the "maynkraft" and how to use it?

In "maynkraft" there are special plate on which is written the melody.Her you can play, if you have already created a phonograph, but it is only those entries that have already been made by developers.Naturally, everyone wants to make your own melodies, and then they lose.Unfortunately, such a simple process as a record on a small plate, no.However, the game has a music block, which is also called music - with its help when perseverance and tenacity more stocks you can compose melodies full.In this article you will learn how to make a music block in the "maynkraft", as well as his then use to create a complete tune.Kraft

the musical unit

First of all you, of course, you must learn how to make a music block in the "maynkraft" because it is he will be a key component of any of your tunes.In fact, the recipe for this unit is very simple - you need to take one Redstone, who should be placed in the central cell of the bench.And all the rest of the cell should be filled with boards.It does not make any

difference what exactly the boards you will use - it does not affect any functions of the unit or his appearance.So decide for yourself what ingredients to use.Now that you know how to make a music block in the "maynkraft" should deal with its functions.

Setting the musical unit

As you know, not enough to know just how to make a music block in the "maynkraft."It is also important to be able to use it.The fact that the activation of the block it will produce only one standard sound.Accordingly, you will need to set it up, this is done using the right mouse button.With each click, you will increase the octave sound, thereby changing the very note produced by the unit.So you can choose the sound of one particular unit, but this setting does not end there.Sheet unit in "maynkraft" may produce a variety of sounds and play different instruments.And if you want to get the full melody, you will also definitely need to know this aspect.

Tool selection

you already understand why in "maynkraft" Sheet unit as it crafted and then use.You have even learned how to adjust the height of the notes played them, but now you need to find out more so as to change a tool that will extract this note.Here an important role is played by the material on which the unit (note, not the material from which made the unit itself, and the one which is made from a block underneath).If this unit is made of wood, it will play back the sounds of the bass guitar, if it is sand, it will play the sound of the snare drum.For the bass drum need stone pedestal, and for clicks with chopsticks - glass.If you set a music block any other material, for example, simply on the ground, then you will get the sound of the piano.Thus, you can build a complete melody, but how to do it?

compose a melody

As you know, each unit plays a sound when activated.But how to do this tune?Naturally, by the wires of Redstone.At this stage you have to stay a long time, if you want not just a short set of sounds, and a full tune.You need to place and set up a large number of musical units, located on the right supports, connect them together by wires so that the sound is played at the same time or one by one through the desired intervals.Also, if you want the same sound is repeated, obsession, then you have to additionally work with the wires for it.