Construction Communications Modern methods HDD Drilling

trenchless technology construction engineering lines replaced the outdated method of digging trenches.It can easily be used in conditions of limited access, for example, in a built-up city with established infrastructure or, if necessary, to carry out the pipeline under the river, lake.Modern experts have found this method widely used.

Method puncture

HDD HDD puncture - a trenchless process various communications without destroying the pavement and the natural landscape.The method allows the puncture managed to drill wells up to 50 meters and to lay pipes with a diameter up to 400 mm.

Before the start of construction experts should analyze the presence of groundwater, to study the properties and composition of the soil, as well as other geophysical factors.The process begins with a puncture GNB drill a pilot hole, then it comes to the expansion of the right diameter.The plant operator is able to monitor the progress of the drill head, and put the desired tilt angle that allows you to bypass the existing underground utilities and other obstacles.After finishing stretch experts drilling pipe through the tunnel, fix a system and a landscaped area.

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Rational way piping

become very popular trenchless technologies laying of pipelines.Methods for horizontal drilling, microtunnelling puncture and have a number of advantages.Through the use of efficient equipment increases the speed of construction, reduce the number of personnel required, the amount of preliminary work and the amount of the mandatory documentation.

Trenchless Technology modern methods does not require the implementation of earthworks and associated work, does not restrict the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in the area of ​​construction, it does not damage the sidewalks and roads, which saves a lot of money (up to 50% of project cost).The organization of work is used small-sized installation that allows the gasket pipes from small pits.

horizontal drilling rigs

Types of horizontal drilling are distinguished by a number of parameters: type, length and angle of the drill, the kind of chassis and engine, used drilling mud, and so on.

horizontal drilling - high-performance and powerful technique, while it is quite simple to use.The equipment allows to lay pipelines for various purposes - sewerage, water, gas, oil, heat networks and various types of cables (electrical, telephone, fiber-optic).Even in difficult operating conditions, equipment quickly to cope with the tasks.

All major drilling parameters can be set before starting work.During the process, the operator can adjust the data and the right to control the construction of sewage systems, which allows to respond to emerging challenges.

Features napkin Pipelines

drainage and water supply systems are built using pressure or gravity pipelines made of different materials.In order to save and to be able to implement the planned inspection or repair network of external piping it must be positioned as appropriate.To this tube should extend along the shortest path with the minimum number of intersections of artificial structures.

outer pipes are exposed to significant pressure, corrosion and undergo heating and cooling.For installation works construction company can begin only after obtaining all necessary permits.Installation is bigger sections or blocks, which makes the process of assembly, welding, cutting and fitting of pipes is very time consuming.Therefore, laying the pipeline network includes the participation of skilled craftsmen, and the use of different units of specialized equipment.