How to learn to sing beautifully

Every one of us always tries by various means to express themselves.As loudly as possible.Why do we need everyone's attention?The fact is that it helps us to raise the self-esteem, to attract people and so on.

He who sings well, is always in the spotlight.Voice - is the strength, beauty, elegance.Say what you never knew how to sing and do not believe that will be able to learn?In fact, to learn this complicated case is capable of virtually everyone.The easiest way, of course, to achieve this goal with the help of an excellent tutor who knows how even the ugly duckling of the most majestic swans do.But unless these people are wizards?No, they just know how a sound as possible to make any human vocal apparatus most suitable for singing.How to learn to sing at home?To do this, you must follow certain guidelines.On them will be discussed below.

How to learn to sing beautifully

It should understand that the vocal apparatus of any man - is a complex mechanism that is very difficult to properly configure.How to learn to sing beautifully?It is necessary to learn how to configure it and own it.Remember that it is important when singing everything - from the input sound to a position in which the singer.

How to learn to sing beautifully to those who during the singing begins to choke the sound, the one who breaks down the voice?In the first place, it is recommended to get rid of all its internal clips and fears.Yes, they often prevent us to sing exactly as we want.Get rid of the terminals is possible only when there will be eliminated or suppressed complexes.Above this will have a long run, but the results can exceed all the expectations.

If you were able to overcome all the fears, we recommend that you learn to take the right position while singing.How to stand while singing?The back should be perfectly straight, the nose looks a little bit up, legs rest on the floor.If you sing standing, then the same monitor, you have straightened the spine.Our whole body should be involved in the singing.Any restraint would only harm.

not need to breathe chest, namely the stomach.When you inhale it should swell as much as possible.Mistyped air into the lungs - by singing just suffocate or not be able to "squeeze" out of himself anything worthwhile.

breath itself has to be rapid and at the same time the most noticeable.It is highly recommended to work out beforehand.Will not work - will be issued during the execution of music too much "squelch", which seems absurd and ridiculous audience.

air must be removed from yourself without any jerks.You can work it out this way: stand in the mirror, take a deep breath through his lips and folded into a tube, release yourself from all the available air.This should be done slowly.When you feel the result, start sung syllables.

How to learn to sing beautifully?Beautiful singing is directly connected with the correct intonation.Everything should be clear, coherent and smooth.Do not make the singing of jerks, unnecessary acceleration, deceleration, and so on.

most important thing is to learn to sing the notes, not by them.How to do it?Try to sing under those phonograms in which the instrumental melody is registered to vote.If these are not available, then go under the most common composition, that is, repeat after musician.Then start singing without musical accompaniment at all.How to learn to sing beautifully?Learn how to monitor the vote, and a positive result will come soon enough.