Bar codes of producers of goods: what they do

Why layman need barcodes countries producing goods?And whether you want them all to know?Naturally, it is impossible to learn all the barcodes, but modern technology can always keep on hand a plate with the numbers of all these designations.Is this really necessary?Let's deal.

What barcode

It's kind of image that carries information about the product.He tied for consumer and transport packaging.First of all, the bar code reader designed for the modern cash registers, which greatly simplifies the process of identifying the goods.What are the main functions of this image?

  • possibility of automated control and accounting of the goods.
  • merchandise management.
  • speed of customer service increases several times.
  • barcode contains information that is useful for market research.

Why barcodes countries producing goods?

but wrong to say that the bar code is only needed to facilitate the work in trade.The average person can also take out a lot of useful information.

no secret that almost every country produces some kind of goods that are not found anywhere else in the world.And if such goods meet, it will be nothing more than a good fake, albeit licensed.Many people are getting into a country can not resist and did not bring his own country the real Cuban cigars, or, for example, the legendary Scotch whiskey.A list of unique products can continue, but this is not important.It would be foolish to assume that in any store selling only genuine Cuban cigars and hookahs that Turkish is not fake.Also in China, for example.

To guard against mistakes, enough to check the bar codes of the countries-producers on the packaging.In our time, they should be present in all things, of course, if they have not made an illegal artisanal production.

But knowing barcodes countries producing goods which the photo shown below, it is necessary not only for those who are going on holiday abroad.This knowledge will help during everyday purchases that anyone makes.This is especially true of those products that can harm humans.And very important to know where it is produced in Germany and India.We are talking primarily about pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and household chemicals, and so on. D.

Decoding barcode

So what do you do after you find the barcode on the packaging?We need the first three numbers (sometimes two).It is here designated barcodes countries producers.Often, all the code has 13 digits, as well as black and white stripes of varying thickness.The next five digits - the manufacturer's code, five - the code of the product itself.The last figure is a control.It is with the help of determined, genuine article or not.

Popular barcodes of producers (200 - an internal numbering) are set forth in our list.





































How else to check the barcode

Modern technologies were invented to make life easier for people.The situation was no exception checking barcodes.For owners of mobile phones to make it easy enough.It is enough to download the appropriate application.Such applications are able to decipher not only barcodes, but also QR-codes that have become very popular lately.

Robot such an application is very simple.One need only point the camera at the barcode itself and wait for it to focus and recognize it.This will open the page at Google, where you can find information about the product.

If the barcode does not match

Often there are situations when the package written by one country, but after checking the code is that the goods were produced at the other end of the world.Error?Maybe.But this phenomenon has another, more logical explanation:

  • Bar codes of producers of goods may be different from other marking on the package when the real manufacturer - a subsidiary of a company located in another country.
  • licensed product, but the production is abroad.
  • company may be registered in another country if, for example, there are the main sales markets.
  • company may have several founders, and the one that controls the main stake is abroad.
  • possible that the selected product - it is a fake, and the company is illegally using someone else's brand or trademark.Most often in such a case, change a few letters or numbers.

Now you know what is needed barcodes and how to test them.And, of course, be able to protect themselves from substandard products.The main thing is to be a little careful not to trust only the inscriptions, which makes the manufacturer and brand goods.As practice shows, it is fairly easy to make a mistake.Bar code on this issue - a more reliable source of information, because it is intended not only for consumers and has the original purpose of their attention.Make no mistake in his choice of goods!