Did we lose the instinct of self-preservation?

Medical Encyclopedia defines instinct as an unconditioned reflex, which has a complex nature and is manifested as congenital stereotyped reaction to the action of certain stimuli.

Long ago, in early times, our ancestors, filling cones, have developed a set of behavioral patterns.You can not climb into the mouth of the lion - Scratch, you can not jump from the top of the cliff - ushibeshsya.And in general: not knowing the ford, not poke your nose into the water!That's it - the instinct of life, or rather, for the sake of self-preservation instinct of life.

instinct - that is what is laid in the ancestral memory and animals, and people, not letting them disappear from the face of the earth, and that people are now successfully eradicated.

Instinct does not die

child, appearing on the light, and brings with it the memory of ancestors, inherent in its genes in the form of instinct.He instinctively makes sucking movements to satisfy his hunger, and cries, requiring attention to the person.His, from birth, and takes care of the mighty shall be self-preservation instinct.He does not give the baby to die from starvation or freeze, unable to call for help.

And then, growing up, the child begins to lose this instinct.Yes, do not be surprised!In this, today's world, everything is so confused and biased that even the main wild instinct - the instinct of self - begins to fade.

Marking eradicates survival instinct

We took care of the baby.After all, we are so afraid of that he did not know how, do not understand and can hurt himself.Where did it?Simply and we have grown in the same conditions.And we shouted: "Do not touch, burned!", "Do not run, you fall!ยป

But it turns out, if the child is to let yourself explore the world and believe in his instincts - he has not be burnt and not fall, because we do notcreate a halo around him helpless clumsy creatures.

According to researchers who have lived a long time in the wild tribes, the survival instinct - a wonderful mechanism, which is activated as soon as a child begins to learn the world around us.Children in these tribes do not fall into the pit and burned with fire, though they were not made for constant monitoring on the part of seniors.

As psychologists say, is exactly what the child is given the right to take responsibility for his life and causes him to include self-preservation instinct.And he was, believe me, will work much better mother who decides how to handle the child at every moment of his life, and chooses, so he's right.

consequences of the loss of self-preservation instinct

And then there is a new generation that does not value, can not value life.After all, originally, from infancy, these people have heard: "You can not, you do not know, you can not do."They are afraid and they have not known life and, accordingly, can not dispose of it correctly.What do they value?Why you need it - this life?And people unconsciously incorporated into the game to life, constantly checking its strength.Alcohol, drugs, wild game teenagers undue risk in entertainment - it is a sign that humanity lost the basic instinct of self-preservation.We

, developing, have lost touch with their natural habitat.Replacing a reasonable instinctive behavior.But intelligence has played a cruel joke with us.We ascended to heaven ceased to feel the ground under their feet, lost their footing and eventually lost.