How to record audio from your computer

How often our expectations and reality are different from each other!Certainly, the situation that I had to face one, familiar to many PC owners.To solve it, had read some branches forums, spending their time, and everything was pretty easy.It then became clear that record audio from a PC is available to everyone who wants to use this feature.The trouble is that usually all we need to get a detailed answer at once, instead of looking for it in the vast global network.

In my case, it all started with the fact that one day it took to record the sound from a computer running the operating system Vindovs: Visitor at the light guests sang so well that they wanted to write.Nowadays, high-speed Internet access and low tariffs that your computer has a microphone and a camera almost became the unofficial standard.They can be integrated not only in laptops, but even in netbooks and tablets.All is due to the popularization of Skype software and IP-telephony.The problem is that few people know how to implement a sound recording from the computer to a file.

There are several ways to address this issue.The easiest way that allows to record the sound from your computer - is to use the built-in features.In Win 7 standard program recording sound has changed dramatically compared to the 95 versions in Win-Win XP.Now it starts to follow in the "Start" menu, open the "All Programs", then "Accessories."Here and there is "Sound Recorder."Now we have the right to connect a microphone and you're ready.According to the standard CCC (Color Coded Connector), it must be connected to the connector pink.After pressing the "Stop" button will open an Explorer window, requesting you to specify the file name and location to save it.

If the opportunities provided by a standard sound recording is not enough, the aid comes sided sound recording program from the computer.It is recommended to do so at the first opportunity.Such programs are many.That is not a complete list of them: Wavosaur, Sound Forge, Wave Lab.The first is free, while the other two are distributed for a fee.

Also microphone, record audio from a computer can mean saving a file of all the sounds that at a certain time played audio.

need for such records can be very diverse: save video gaming, video calling on Skype session or a portion of the film (much easier than editing program).For this system, you need to explicitly state from which the sound source to be recorded.In the system tray near the clock has the speaker icon.Click on the right mouse button and follow in the "Recording Device Behavior."Then a window will appear with a list of possible sources.The main is that which is indicated by "default".Usually this microphone.

If you want to write the reproduced sound applications, the mouse cursor from the list of other source and press the button "Default".Now, the recording will be carried out from this exit.As a rule, for the task to choose What-U-Hear (fixing what we hear).It must be remembered that this is only part of the action.The selected program for recording also need to specify the source, although this option is not available in all.

Depending on the type of sound card drivers installed for it, an indication of the points can vary.For example, in localized settings driver from Realtek chips in the mixer is necessary to proceed to the "Sound - Recording - Stereo Mixer" and specify the desired.If you have problems with recording (sound is completely absent) you can try to specify a different source.