Workshop on the Russian language: what is the basis of grammar

proposal - the basic unit of verbal means of communication, the main subject matter of syntax.The key semantic and grammatical proposal is considered to be the center of its predicative basis.

Grammatical basis of the proposal and its types

primary concepts of what grammatical foundation is given more pupils in primary school.For more details and deep predicative unit studied the passage of the "syntax of a simple sentence" and "The syntax of a complex sentence."It was then that students learn and learn to distinguish between one- and two-part proposal, complete and incomplete predicative core versed in the means of expression of subject and predicate.

to define what grammatical basis of each individual proposal, you need to isolate it in the principal terms and indicate their means of expression.It should be remembered that the compound offers a grammatical foundation is represented by only one member of the main - subject or predicate.A two-part, both are present.

  • compound offers.

compound offers are divided into verbal and denominative.The subject expressed by a noun or other part of speech within the meaning of the noun - that's what a grammatical foundation denominative proposals (That fall outside the window, Shadow of leaves on my curtain).

Offers verbal type contain basically only predicates.They, in turn, are divided into four (some researchers identify three) types: definite, personal, vague, personal, generalized-personal and impersonal.In each of them perform the role of the predicate verb in the form of a specific person and number.The proposals of the latter type role predicate perform word category of state (the door rang again and again, without ceasing, frost on the street is not a joke).

somewhat more complicated to learn what the grammatical basis of incomplete sentences.It is important to learn to see the missing subject or predicate and restore it from the context.The main confusion comes from the lack of distinction between single-composition and incomplete sentences.For example, in the sentence "Everywhere - puddles and puddles of melted snow the recent" The first part is incomplete.From the context, we can easily restore the missing predicate - shine.Thus, the proposal grammatical base is a subject "puddles" expressed by a noun, and missed, but the recovery verb "shine", expressed by the verb is plural, present tense, third person indicative mood.

  • pronged proposal

The two-part proposal subject expressed any independent part of speech within the meaning of the noun or phrase, including indivisible, ieset phrases.As an independent part of most of the speakers, except for the noun, pronoun, adjective and participle, and numeral:

Animals can suffer and cry, people;

She screamed loudly and waving his hands;

filled with steam shower;

arrived at night to stay in their places;

How stupid - to shoot from guns on sparrows!

also be in the role of a verb often appears in various forms: yawn in the face of the other party is considered a sign of bad taste.

predicate in the two-part proposal also has different forms of expression, ranging from standard verbal and ending with nominal parts of speech and word combinations.It is important to develop in students the so-called syntactic vigilance so that they can without much difficulty to find and define the boundaries and type of grammar basics.

Grammatical basis of word formation in

concept of grammatical foundations of not only the syntax and word formation.The grammatical derivation of a word - it is part of the word without end.It includes, first of all, the root, and then the other components - prefixes, suffixes, Postfix.

main part of the grammatical foundations of the word - root.It contains the lexical meaning of single-root words.Without root word as an independent lexical and grammatical units does not happen.

Thus, the term "grammatical basis" in linguistics has many meanings and is implemented at several linguistic levels.