Help your child make an offer

Formation of speech and writing is one of the most important problems of this school subject as "the Russian language."Despite the high demands of the school curriculum and special classes aimed at developing speech stock, for many students, this is an impossible task.Not only is it devoid of expression of pupils, so it is still overloaded stylistic errors.Unfortunately, the disparity literary and spelling rules demonstrate not only the younger students.To make an offer, built logically correct, we have to make some mental effort, even a private school students.

Improvement and development of skills of speech accompanies the learning process from the initial stage of primary school education.Already in the preparatory class, the child learns to build a semantically appropriate proposals, to retell the text and description to make the pictures.Children have difficulty in carrying out these tasks.To help them in this, we propose to make an offer of the words written on the blackboard.Words must be fragm

ented, but carry some meaning, allows to make an offer on a given topic.The same method can be used to teach the child to build a series of proposals that make up a little story.By mastering these skills, the child first learns to use simple sentences.Later, in high school, did not make a complex sentence would be difficult to achieve for him.

language ability is not limited to the ability to express their thoughts in writing.Some students, easily coping with the written creative works hard can make an offer orally.To avoid this, even in pre-school child to instill the necessary skills: a coherent speech, thinking, the ability to describe and talk.This will help the special educational games.

Games for the development of speech

Spoiled phone

In this game, several members whispered to each other in the eye of any word that follows a player distorts.The child understands that the last word in the chain is very different from the original and reflects on the importance of correct pronunciation.


leading offers to read the sentence where all words are reversed unexpectedly flown hurricane.The child must make an offer, rearranging words.You can offer to carefully consider the two proposals, in which the words are borrowed from each other.

Edible - inedible

One player throws the ball, calling any subject.If the object is edible, the second player catches it, but if not - passes.

Finally, the child builds his speech, on the basis of that understanding.Because it is very important to teach a child to comprehend what he is reading.Of great importance is reading aloud.Moreover, this process should not turn into an exercise.Try to interest the child.Encourage your child to arrange a kind of literary evening.Passing each other the role of the narrator interesting, entertaining read and retell stories, fairy tales and stories.This not only helps to improve oral communication skills, but also to establish the parent-child invisible connecting thread warmth, trust and understanding.