How to prepare a business plan: key points

Many who decided to start their own businesses, asking: "How to prepare a business plan?"This step is the formation of a new project has three main objectives:

  1. designation for managers of common goals.
  2. clearly outlined thoughts in writing helps examine in detail all the nuances and reflect on the implementation of the plan.
  3. This work will help you in the future to attract investors, who are often briefly, without going into details, view the proposed projects.

other words, this is a great opportunity to "rehearse" their own business and realize the possible difficulties without losing anything financially.In this article, we describe how to write a business plan.An example will be described below.But first, a look at the general rules.

One of the recommendations how to prepare a business plan reads as follows: "From the very first lines of text you need to convey the essence of the project."Important for you to convey to investors, what are the competitive advantages of the business and how you are going to succeed.Be sure to indicate what is the value of your project, why consumers will be interested in the product or service and how much money you will need to run your business.Be sure to describe what are the growth prospects and the risks involved, how do you plan to deal with them.Yet it is necessary to consider the issue of how to prepare a business plan - it is profit.In other words, when and how much your project will start to generate income.It is therefore necessary to include a section on financial performance or forecast.

So, now take a closer look, how to write a business plan.The sample for this document in the normal way is not written.Here everything is very individual.But the general requirements to how to prepare a business plan are listed below.

  1. contents and title page, which specifies the details of the company's founders and contacts of all contents.The total amount of the document should not be more than forty pages with all attachments.
  2. Introduction.In this section we describe the most important thing is the essence of your business, to highlight the main points and the value of the project.By writing this paragraph to start better in the end.
  3. study of market opportunities.This part should answer the key questions.What is the market size?How fast is it developing?What are the prospects of growth and possible threats?How do you remove them?
  4. Market.Analyze information on competitors or companies with similar product (service).Carefully study and a detailed description of who they are, what their share of the market, why they prefer buyers and so. D.
  5. team.
  6. business model.This paragraph describes all sources of income, the cost structure, as well as suppliers and customers.This section is perhaps one of the most important and is of great importance in the issue of how to prepare a business plan.
  7. financial forecasts and indicators.
  8. description of all possible risks and how you solve problems.
  9. sources of revenues and their distribution.This point is very important for potential investors.
  10. application to which you attach all the necessary and important documents.