The powers of the State Duma: opportunities and responsibilities

Powers of the State Duma and its role in managing the participation of the state - all this is of great interest to the people.The State Duma is the legislative body, which is why its activities should be directed to the interests of the population as a whole.

powers of the State Duma

facilities under the jurisdiction of the legislative body, enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation.It is worth recalling that it was adopted by popular referendum.Thus, the powers of the State Duma of the Russian Federation include:

  • adoption and consideration of bills (this is the main function of the lower house of the Federal Assembly).
  • granting consent to the appointment of the head of government to the president.That the State Duma during the week considering the proposal of the President.It should be noted that the applicant must appear in person in the legislative body and to answer questions that will be asked no more than half an hour.After such a survey takes a vote factions.Also, a situation may arise when you need a secret voting by secret ballot.If a candidate is rejected, it introduced a new project, which is given to the well one week.After the rejection of the third nominee President has the right to dissolve the State Duma and appoint the head of the executive branch alone.
  • Approval of the state budget.The powers of the State Duma and include this item.He has one feature: a budget is adopted after four readings as it is the lower house approves the full report on the state budget by the Government.
  • The issue of lack of confidence / trust in the Government.The State Duma may decide that the executive power in the country is lack of confidence.If the majority vote is confirmed, the government will be dissolved.
  • amnesty.The powers of the State Duma also apply to this area, just in the history of the decision was taken more than 10 times, the most recent of which took place 10 years ago.
  • The appointment of certain officials.The State Duma has the right to appoint the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber and the Central Bank of Russia, as well as the Commissioner for Human Rights.First appointed after the recommendation, and the last - on the basis of preferential voting.
  • question of no confidence in the President.And this feature is at the State Duma.That she has the right to put forward such a proposal, but it is really only in the case if the vote for him more than 150 deputies.
  • Consideration of some foreign policy issues (only on request of the Head of State).
  • Applying to the Constitutional Court to review the conformity of laws with the Constitution of the country.

Vyshepredstavlennye powers of the State Duma are important for our country, as this legislative body, and that it depends on the well-being of the Russian population.