What is the international community?

What is the international community?In each country, regional and global levels, the global political process unfolds as the joint work of social communities and institutions, enterprises and individuals.On the world stage as actors go the masses, the state, social movements and organizations.

What is the international community: the definition

to regulate the relationship between entities in different countries founded the United Nations.In its documents use the term "international community", but before the 19th century to the early 20 was accepted to use the concept of the "civilized world."The international community - is a complex system of multiple communications at the international level political connections, military, economic, financial, informational, and others. The first among them are political.This is determined by the fact that the whole system has a political orientation and performs primarily political activities.

However, it is worth noting that all kinds of relationships are constantly interacting with each other.In addition, there is a planetary political system, which is built on top of an independent global community.This system is a global socio-economic system, it controls the attitude of the world community.However, the nature of this system determines the character of the community.

challenges of globalization Globalization has significantly increased and complicated the international system.

more precise answer to the question of what the international community can help a number of global problems that it solves:

1. Pollution.The international community is engaged in environmental issues, which cover virtually all areas of the world.

2. Save the world.The goal is to end the arms race for economic development and the creation of prosperous countries.

3. Migration.At present, this problem is particularly acute.Due to the unstable economic situation in many countries, the military conflict is the forced mass migration of people.

4. Human Rights.There is an urgent issue of strengthening the personal and economic freedom.

5. The food problem.This issue is particularly true in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

6. Strengthening social and economic structures of the UN.

7. Upgrading the system of international relations.


settlement of global problems is complicated by the fact that they affect all countries of the world, regardless of their socio-political structure.Moreover, these problems can not be solved by one country or group of countries, but only the common aspirations of the whole world.

economic stability

What is the international community?It is a complex system of international relations.The subjects involved in the system, must come to a common decision on the establishment and maintenance of economic stability and equal economic opportunity for all: to reform and improve the efficiency of international economic relations.And this can be achieved by reducing inflation and unemployment, ensure the stability of the exchange of goods, creating the conditions for an open entrance to the world markets, to establish a just world prices.It is also necessary to take effective measures to reduce the burdens of external financial obligations of developing countries and to build relations between all states based on mutual assistance by the developed states.

Development and strengthening of the world economy

annually on the military spent about $ 1 trillion.That is necessary to establish specific conditions for the reduction of military expenditures.

Environmental problems

solve these problems can only be global community.What is it, we have already dealt with.That is a serious question, no doubt.Over the past few centuries has significantly deteriorated environment globe.Industrial and household activities of human society has entered a serious clash with the environment.The last time the world community in the field of environment protection conducting certain activities, but it does not solve this problem.This is due to a pronounced egoism humanity in relation to nature.Before taking measures to improve the environment, it is necessary to solve some of the issues:

  1. What is the international community and how important properly handle the relationship it can be identified by the fact that it is able to stop an ecological disaster, the problems of armed conflict, hunger, poverty,global climate change the world, deforestation, ozone depletion.
  2. world environmental policy must begin to adhere to the formula "to provide and eliminate."
  3. priority in all countries should be a matter of environmental concern.

Strengthening international cooperation in the field of ecology

international community must unite in addressing the environmental situation.This future must depend not only on the big powers but also from multinational corporations.

technological revolution

significantly exacerbates the globalization of scientific and technological progress.This requires decision-making and clear rules with the complicity of the world that meet the cultural values ​​and moral interests of each individual and humanity as a whole.

So, we see that the international community - international relations, is a system of political, economic, diplomatic, legal, military, humanitarian relations and relations among the subjects of the world community.