Gomel Medical University: faculties, reviews, photos

There are universities that retain their popularity for decades.Their graduates will never know the difficulties in order to find jobs in their field.A school graduates are prepared for a few years to do it there.One of these schools is GomGMU - Gomel State Medical University.Within a short period of time, this institution has become one of the best.Now here is the main training dream for many students.

history of the university

Gomel medical university is relatively young.It was created in 1990.And the reason for its creation is associated with man-made disaster that shocked the Soviet Union.The Chernobyl accident has claimed the lives of a large number, but there were those who did not die on the dose of radiation, but began to experience health problems.

In order to help all the victims, it was necessary to find as many doctors.They were not enough.Then it was decided to open a medical school in Gomel.

In 2003, this institution became a university.He is now considered one of the best not only in the city but in the country.The base, which has the Gomel Medical University enables students to extract the maximum possible amount of knowledge in order to become a successful doctor.

Departments university

Applicants may apply for one of the two faculties.But this does not mean that the choice of the university is very small.Each student will need to choose the direction in which he wants to develop.Subordinatura give many opportunities to get a working knowledge.

most popular is the medical faculty.In the documents it serves graduates of schools and colleges from across the country.Subordinatura this department is very rich.

Slightly less popular was the medical-diagnostic department.But this does not mean that it is inferior to his colleague in the quality of education and prestige.

If anyone is interested, whether the Gomel Medical University Faculty of Pharmacy, it is necessary to say that this is not here.

Medical Faculty

graduates who received education here, involved not only in hospitals but also in the ministries.They are successful, demand and never know the difficulties in hiring.

Currently studying here more than 2,000 students.Subordinatura offers a large number of destinations, because everyone will be able to choose what is interesting.

very popular surgery.There are learning and those who will be doing operations on children, and those who will be treated for cancer, and those who will carry out heart surgery, as well as many other specialists who will help patients in the surgical department.

Those who loves children and wants to help them to be happy, if you choose a pediatrician.It is claimed, and very interesting.There are also several different directions.

In addition, it is possible to study obstetrics and gynecology.These specialists will help not only the kids but also their mothers.

anesthesiology and resuscitation who choose not remain without work.

therapeutic areas and is very popular, because education here get future psychiatrists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, specialists in internal medicine, hematology, allergy and many others.

Diagnostic Medical Faculty

Gomel Medical University is not accidental attracts such a large number of applicants.Medical-diagnostic department, which is available, is the only one of its kind not only in the country but in the entire former Soviet Union.Because this faculty, even the guys coming from other countries.

There are three specializations of the faculty.The first of them - clinical laboratory diagnostics.Second - functional diagnostics.Third - ray diagnosis.Graduates will be qualified as "doctor" (clinical laboratory diagnostics, functional diagnostics, and radiologist).

Student Life

Everyone knows that the university - is not only lectures, seminars and exams.It is also a unique atmosphere of youth and energy.Every student wants to change the world, make it better.And Gomel Medical University provides every opportunity for this.

All students, from freshman to graduate and be able to take part in extra-curricular life of his beloved university.A variety of activities makes it possible for all students to show their hand and reveal unusual talents.Engage in sections, clubs and studios will be able not only to those who already have the training received during their school years, but those who have an overwhelming desire to learn something besides his main profession, show themselves.

course primarily known dance studio.Here students and students can learn to move gracefully, to acquire the proud posture and learn to love your body.Those who dance are especially will be able to perform at the festival in his high school, even for a city-wide competition.

wishes to show their vocal abilities and will not go away.They will be able to enroll in the studio and show all that capable.It will give a few lessons, how to sing beautifully and loud as the voice enchanted the audience.Students involved in this studio will also be able to show their talents to the university and city concerts.

very popular among the students enjoyed KVN.This place is not only cheerful and resourceful, but also for those who feel at the presence of acting ability and desire to perform on stage.Artistic and funny guys, not only will be able to show themselves as ordinary members of the team, but also to become captains.And then to help his team become the best in the country.


We all know that higher education institutions are located in big cities, where most of all high school graduates.But what of rural, village schools?Of course, you can not give up on your dreams.We need to go to town.

order to rent an apartment in a big city, you need to spend a considerable amount on a monthly basis, which is a poor student can not be.A more viable option may be considered a hostel.Gomel State Medical University offers its students the room.In order to take a place in a hostel, you need to apply after admission.And then on the accommodation during their studies can not worry about.

First of all, a place in the hostel will receive preferential categories of students, then others in turn.Because with an application should hurry.

Passing grade

Everyone knows that in medical schools is always a great competition.Especially in those cases where an institution so famous and prestigious as the Gomel Medical University.That is why you need to prepare for admission will advance.Prospective students will have to learn a lot of material in order to score points, and worthy to enter the desired department.

worth noting that graduates of urban schools and students who come from villages, different conditions of admission.For the latter, less than a passing grade.

In order to enter the department of medical affairs, urban children will need to score at least 260 points.But guests to applicants will need to enter at least 219.

bit lower for graduates of city schools pass rate on medical-diagnostic business.In order to enter in the amount you need to score at least 252. But for the villagers passing score here will be higher.They need to dial from 233.

It should also be remembered that a passing score.This is the amount that has been a student, was the last in the list of credited to free parking.Each year, passing scores vary.Gomel Medical University attracts a variety of students.Because next year bar may raise or lower.


Each applicant can ask questions about the college admissions committee.But this is not enough to understand the inner life.Of course, before you do, you need to read reviews of the Gomel Medical University.No one can understand the entrant better students.They know all the issues that have plagued the guys before entering.Because in a review, you can find honest answers.

If you carefully read the reports of students in the forums then you can see that learning is real fans of his case, those who can not imagine their future outside of medicine.It is therefore very difficult to have those who have decided to enter the Gomel Medical University, only to at least somewhere to do.

In addition, the review should be that learning will be easier and more interesting, if you take part in the events that are held at the university.Then teachers will know the student as a responsible and proactive person, and it is very important for the future doctor.

Entrants interesting to see the Gomel State Medical University.Photos of high school to help other cities to evaluate the appearance of the building.

Address University

Those who want to see with my own eyes GomGMU need to go to the Belarusian city of Gomel.The university is located on the street Lange at number 5. You can also call the number (0232) 749831, 747126.

very popular among students of Gomel State Medical University.Faculties give him sufficient knowledge to become a sought-after expert.A vibrant student life offers many opportunities to show themselves and their talents.