Saint Tatiana.

January 25 - the day of memory of St. Martyr Tatiana.We offer to learn about who is this holy Tatiana, how was her life, where the temples and churches built in her honor.Her name (in Church Slavonic Tatiana means "she who arranges") was given to her father in the hope that it will arrange his life in a new way with Christ.

Childhood and adolescence St. Tatiana

Saint Tatiana grew up in a family of noble citizens of Rome.Parents of the future saint occupies a very high position in society, and the Christians were secret.Parenting daughter attached special importance.Since childhood, the future martyr learned well the ideals of Christian piety.Be faithful to Christ was a difficult and dangerous task requiring feat.Start of the II century after Christ - a time of persecution, murder of believers.So, watching the life of the Christian faithful, the Holy Martyr Tatiana was a child absorbed the idea unflinching faith and asked God in prayer to give her children not to lose power to the chosen path.The L

ord fulfilled her petitions.Becoming an adult, Tatian rejected all pleasures of a comfortable life, decided to devote their talents to the church.Consciously she refused marriage and chose the path of "the bride of Christ," that is the way of virginity.So she embellished herself virtue of chastity.

deaconess Tatiana

Shepherd Church drew attention to the ardent faith and hard work of the young Tatiana and asked her to serve in the rank of deaconess.She gladly accepted this responsibility and an honorable gift.As a deaconess, the holy Tatiana participated in the liturgy, in its terms of reference also included the preparation of people for the sacrament of baptism, aid in this sacred rite.Tirelessly, she preached the word of God, missionary work, to visit the sick, in fact, fulfilling Christ's commandment of love for neighbor.


In the year 222 ADRome became ruler of Alexander Severus, but his power was rather nominal.Actually, management is implementing a torturer and an ardent opponent of the Christian Roman mayor Ulpian.He persecuted believers and committed over them, the most brutal violence.Of course, the fervent faith and gracious service Tatiana were seen, and she was captured.The Holy Martyr Tatiana was delivered to the place of sacrifice to the pagan idol of Apollo, it was demanded of her to admit it, and sacrifice to God.She began to pray, then the tremors have occurred as of the earthquake, the statue of the idol shattered, many ministers struck died under the ceiling of the building.

Seen tantrums caused the Roman guards, they began to beat the martyr, was deprived of her eyes, causing terrible suffering other.However, the holy Tatiana continued to pray.She asked God to enlighten her tormentors, they discover the truth.And the Lord heard her prayer, the executioners saw an angel coming holy Tatiane.Then they, and they were 8 people affected by what he saw, rushed to the holy feet, begging for forgiveness of their sins and confess Christ as God.For this they were martyred.

further torture holy

the next day for Tatiana were invented new torture.Her body was naked, beaten and cut with razors.However tormentors tired quickly, some even the dead as if someone took away from the body of the martyr blows and sent to them.At night, Saint Tatiana was thrown into prison, where she prayed until dawn.

morning when she came to the court, then it was not even seen traces of horrible torture to which she had been the day before.This time it was forced to sacrifice to the idols of the goddess Diana.Again the holy virgin prayed.What brought the prayers of the saints Tatiana?The statue turned into ashes by lightning.

In anger tormentors again imprisoned her in a dungeon.The next day brought Tatiana to the arena with a wild lion to pick apart in the eyes of the public.However, the lion did not hurt, and even became a martyr to the holy caress and lick her feet.When one of the guards, suspecting that this manual beast wanted to remove him from the arena, he tore it.

torturers did not know what else a woman subjected to torture.Saint Tatiana, the icon which is revered by Orthodox all over the world, has been sentenced to death by beheading the head.At the same time he was executed and her father, decided to follow the example of his daughter and to open their faith.This event dates back to the twelfth year, in January 226 AD

church consecrated in the name of St. Tatiana.Church of St. Tatiana State University.University

One of the glorious churches of St. Tatiana is the Church of the Moscow State University named after Lomonosov.Very interesting and symbolic history of its creation.

initiators and ideologists of the opening of the Moscow State University, the first university in Russia was MV Lomonosov and Count Ivan Shuvalov.They petitioned for the establishment of the University of the Empress.Empress Elizabeth granted a petition by a decree of January 25, 1755 (January 12 Old Style), the feast day of Tatiana.Naturally, this date was the birthday of the university.It is noteworthy that the name of Tatiana from Greek translates it as "foundress", "who arranges".

Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana was a place where many important events took place for students, associated with well-known artists.Marina Tsvetaeva took in that church baptized, committed the funeral of the great men of the time: Gogol, SM Solovyov, VOKljuchevskogo, AA Fet.

In Soviet times, the church building housed a library, a student theater.In 1995, the authorities handed over the building of the temple of the ROC.Today, the entrance to the church is decorated with shining cross and the words: "The light of Christ enlightens everyone."Since 2005, the date of January 25 is officially celebrated as the Day of the students.

Tatyaninsk Holy Temple at Omsk State University Omsk

Temples lots of different, one of them is Holy Tatyaniysky temple.In the history of his only written the first page.In 2000, activists of Omsk State University, mainly the Faculty of Theology, began to collect signatures of students and members of the staff to support the establishment of an Orthodox church.

It is worth noting that the church was sanctified at Omsk State University with the participation of the rector of the church of St. Martyr Tatiana at Moscow State University Archpriest Maxim, located in Omsk, in these days.Great difficulty created Hagia Martyr Tatiana at the University, not everyone had in mind his discovery, there were even the staunchest opponents.However, in April 2001, the parish was officially registered.Later the temple was able to organize a church choir and Sunday school.

But not only the famous temples of Omsk consecrated in honor of St. Tatiana.So, in Lugansk in 1999 construction began on the church, consecrated in honor of the martyrs.It should be noted that its construction took place on the money collected by enterprising students of Lugansk National Institute namely Union "Luhansk", consisting of a volunteer corps and student parliament.

Church of St. Tatiana in Vladivostok

There chapel, consecrated in the name of Tatiana, in Vladivostok.It held until 2004 wedding, funerals and the sacraments of baptism, and later became liturgy, which built a new room for the altar.Church entered into a single complex of the University together with the memorial to those killed during the Great Patriotic War and the bell tower POLYTECHNIC.In the chapel to worship the faithful was brought relics of Tatiana, which is there to this day.

Odessa Holy Temple of St. Tatiana

In 2000, the city of Odessa Law Academy at the foundation was laid for the church in honor of St. Tatiana.

Students were consecrated and the first church liturgy in 2006.By the way, the location of the Holy Temple of St. Tatiana very well as the surrounding area is not a single university, and a whole lot of: Institute of Land Forces, Odessa Academy of Food Technology, Polytechnic Institute, as well as housing and building dormitories of Odessa National University them.Mechnikov, Agricultural University.So that the church can rightly be called the arrival of the student.

Veneration of the Holy Martyr Tatiana

Saint Tatiana, the icon that is in each temple, revered by Christians around the world.However, it is for the Eastern Church Martyr became so close and truly earned the popular veneration.

In Russia, the holy Tatiana considered the patroness of education, students and education.Therefore, the day of her memory of January 25 is called the Day of the students.

Many modern students find their patron saint and helper holy martyr Tatiana.They pray to her on the eve of important events before exams.She asked to help in the development of science, protection from evil forces.

Around the same time, at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s, all over Russia began to build churches, glorifying the holy martyr Tatiana to, patroness of education.