Personalized cards

Beautifully name cards placed on the table can be an additional element of decoration.Of course, if you invest in the production of their imagination.Personalized cards can be very varied in their technical design, shape and size.They are placed on a table to the right of each device, to a plate or lean against the nearest glass.

Sign the name cards, depending on the nature of the celebration.In family or friendly holidays, where the cards are more decorative element, they show only the name or the degree of kinship ("mama," "Aunt Luda", "Stas").On official receptions by a registered card is partitioned space for visitors and establish a certain order.The more guests, the more necessary the card.They visitor can read the names of their neighbors, if he does not remember them at the time of submission.In these cases, the cards contain the full name (surname, name and patronymic).Formal receptions usually use size 5x10 cm cards. These cards are inserted in special holders.

name card can be done from an ordinary piece of cardboard, decorated with a pattern, applique, lace, beads.Interesting card obtained from origami - folded paper figures.Origami strong suit, but thin paper, then the figures will turn out fine, delicate.As cardholders can ispolzovot fruit or dried fruit.

Inscriptions can be made in ink, gothic or other original characters, traced the letters on the card with glue and sprinkle them with powdered brilliant.The letters can be embroidered with thread or collapse of thin wire.

Personalized cards can be put on the table, not only to ensure that every guest has found its place on the big reception.The card can be a funny drawing, fun stanza, proverb or saying.These elements can, for example, be additional topics of conversation, especially if guests are not familiar with each other.If organized a friendly party or a children's party, a place at the table, you can play, then the organizers of the evening will not have to puzzle over the question of whom to put anyone.

After the meal, guests can pick up their name cards as a souvenir.Personalized cards can be done with a surprise.The basis for these cards will be with the "window" that bent, can be put on the table.The window is placed small buttonholes, hand-made figurines, bags of candy or other gifts.


Photo source: Martha Stewart