Those who keep us working.

often happens that at work, on your favorite, a good job, there is a person who spoils everything around.
He constantly complains and complains and you do not know what to do with all this.

Practice shows that in most cases such unpleasant colleagues are of four types - brawlers, complainers, chatterboxes and gossips.
It is not clear which of the four kinds of the most dangerous because they undermine our desire to work and consume our time, and so is not always enough.
Consider these four species and carefully develop a successful strategy to combat them.


This is the most horrific type of fellow who could easily poison your life at work.A quarrel they do not need to look: it can be a casual glance in their direction not emitted debris from your desk and still a number of details that lead rowdies in indescribable fury.As a result of the burst of emotions started fighting, which seems quite impossible to stop.
However, we argue that the way out of this situation is.First of all, you need to quietly listen to all the charges against brawlers thrown in your address.Relaxed and smiling, not shouting and swearing at him.

Remember: everything that is necessary so skandalistki it ruin your mood and swear to you in full.You should not even bother to answer it, in which case you will lose the battle with a bang - after all you do not have such a rich and successful experience of running quarrels and scandals.Milo and with a smile, hear his hysterical counterpart, did not reply to her attacks.You can even sympathize with it a little bit.On your cue, "I understand you have now is not the best period in my life.The problems on the personal front - it's always so bitter, you do not despair, you'll be fine! "She could not say anything in response, and as the object of her attention to you soon will not be interested.


feel that recently began to happen something out of the hands of the ordinary -kollegi look at you in bewilderment and mysterious, whispering behind your back, and when you suddenly walk into the office, then all the talk suddenly fall silent.Congratulations.Rather, you have become an object of gossip, which so shocked the team.Here the main thing - time to recognize someone who is such a gossip.After all, a story about a quarrel with her husband can be presented as a light unfavorable to you, but in any case should not lose self-control.Continue to work on, but now be smarter and smarter with the girlfriends and friends, who carefully and thoroughly beg you all the details of your life, relationships with children, husband and parents are asked to tell the people of a funny story from the life of regret, and at every opportunity.It is this friend can not live without gossip, and that your stories and curiosities in the very near future will be the focus of attention of the whole team.We share the sore with a best friend, mother or husband, but never make their problems outside the home.Moreover, you should avoid sharp statements and fierce criticism of the actions of his boss and some colleagues, even if their actions lead them out of balance.Otherwise such statements will sooner or later turn against you exactly.


They all always wrong - sick children, the husband is walking, Mom swears;They always get into interesting stories, they always have bad luck on the road, now in its fifth year, they can not finish at home repair, health undermined, at a parents' meeting late ... .. reasons to make you sympathize with this category of persons - a full arsenal, but withsuch people should always keep your eyes open.It should be one and only time to help them in solving their problems at work, and it will become a routine, and you'll have to stay up late to work for them, for them to go to meetings and to carry out their projects.To avoid this, in any case, do not start to sympathize with them.Moreover, if you become the object of attention of such a colleague, feel free to maintain it ... and begin to complain to the answer.Coming up with nothing, Ruby the truth-womb in the eye, because you also house a mess, too, mountains of laundry, also lagging behind in English and mother-child, which interferes with your family life with her husband.Lack of money and time, naughty baby, lingering from work my husband - but you never know what else might be in your house.That is why, if the complainant suddenly this really need you to stay for an hour after work and finished his work, feel free to ask a colleague to go to the boss and ask him to raise your salary for overvoltage time.Practice shows that this method in all cases operates smoothly.To such an extent, to go to the authorities and to demand an increase to the salary of someone else, even the complainants have not survived from the mind.


most nerdy and most annoying type of fellow, devourer of your personal and business time, as in a break during the working process, he chatters incessantly without letting you focus on elementary things.Compulsive like a wasp and catching a fly, he does not breathe, discussing the problems of the global crisis and infidelity of men, parenting and alcoholism in Russia.Concentrate under the influence of his annoying chatter is simply impossible, and he put it mildly, do not care that you developed the project should be ready by tomorrow, or even tonight.
You're lucky if you can work, not paying attention to his mumbling, but if it distracts you from serious cases, to make it appear that you're just overworked.Repeat this every second, shifting the paper and folders from place to place, talking with important customers on the phone and solving problems of global scale in terms of your workplace.In addition, psychologists say that it is best to mentally dissociate itself from such an annoying colleague, for example, by placing a printer or a flower, where sits a gossip.This psychological barrier erected by you, it is best to discourage chatterbox from you, by giving their time only to itself.Promise him that all his urgent issues and pressing problems you discuss with him as soon as you carve out a little bit of free time.However, to find the time you did not get ...

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