Financial prosperity of the Zodiac

What to representatives of different zodiac signs, to improve their financial situation?

for Aries

In celebration of the New Year on the night of December 31 to January 1, Aries, seeking in the new year to improve their well-being, it is recommended to repeat the following mantra: "Consciousness of Peace and Creation, Awake, illuminating the path of the soul.And give me a new world of peace and goodness! ".


you should purchase or make a pendant with a schematic representation of the sun and put it on Saturday - in this case a pendant will be a kind of intermediary between emanating from Heavenly Taurus creative energy, which is expressed on the physical plane in the materialization of various derivativessubtle energy of money, and, directly, man.In the picture the sun disc symbol "OM".

for Gemini

One of the most effective money talismans Gemini is a sign of "yin-yang" printed on the back of the wrist watch or arm just above the elbow.

twins should also be worn in his wallet two notes of the same value.Another must, if possible, keep financial records in duplicate;the idea of ​​the double refraction of the monetary aspect of the Gemini energy is of great importance.

for Rakov

cancers should get a pendant or medallion with the image of a scarab beetle, which must be periodically applied to the wallet.

cancer associated with comets, so during meditation you should visualize the image of brightly glowing comet slowly across the sky.Mentally, pronounces these words: "On the bright comet, Light of the Supreme knowledge! I will take away from the Higher flesh of the soul of a new star, stars flying. Executable light thy light original, following the birth of plasma galaxies and their being connect two time cycle - Cycle of Zero and the cycle of Completion".

for the Lions

recommended to portray on a large piece of paper or even install at home or in the office small sculptures of lions, red and green.These lions will attract a fine of money energy.And also it is recommended to make or buy a pendant with a picture of two-headed lion: a lion, whose heads are located in different parts of the body is related to the sun gods of dawn and dusk.Their image has great magical power and energy attracts money to the owner.

for Virgin

image of the Virgin and Child in her arms is a powerful symbol that attracts favorable vibration.

That simple cash ritual for the Virgin.Look in the Christmas night at the starry sky.To the east the horizon, you will see a bright constellation Virgo Spica.Hold in the right hand a coin and see this star with the following words: "O great star! Illumine his mighty light of my estate; Grant in the new year good luck and wealth


born under the sign of Libra astrology money encourages represent ona large piece of the rainbow and hang over the bed. The Peruvians called this region of the sky "rainbow", "lightning" and "heavenly river": when the sun was in her, it came frequent rains. For these rains have for you gold, put a picture of a rainbow diamond andbefore going to sleep for a month sledyuschee say the spell: "Rainbow and Gold, Silver and Fire: bestow prosperity, peace, comfort

for Scorpios

Patron Scorpions - the goddess Isis.It should read the appeal: "Great Goddess and patroness! May the power of your name will attract good luck and prosperity."

for Capricorn

On Christmas Eve, those born under the sign of Capricorn, you need to read the next trance-meditation prayer: "Savior of mankind, and the essence of the Infinite Spirit of the Cosmic Consciousness. Give my rebirth of wealth and the perception of higher energies!".

Take small denomination banknotes and go to the river with a strong current.Stand on the shore, pull on your arms forward and say, "Great River of Heaven! I ask you to accept my sacrifice and give me their flows of Welfare."After that lower bill in the water, Let it will carry over.See how the water takes your sacrifice as long as the note is not out of sight.

for Streltsov

Those who are born under this constellation Centaurus patronage.It is therefore recommended to have a home image centaur

for Aquarius

Aquarius is recommended at least once a week to eat chocolate figrke with any image: hare, Santa Claus, etc., and expanding the foil need to quickly figure bite off his head.Thus, through the sacrificial offering of your meal you can enter into the Universal cash flow and to direct his energies in the right direction.

for Pisces

Keychain fish is recommended to wear those born under this constellation, bring money luck and a regular income.

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