Which pet will suit your child

«Let's wound up a puppy!", "I want a kitten!" - Your little moan.Sometimes such a natural desire to have a child for a friend turns into tears or adults are not ready for a new tenant in the house, or contact with the pet not getting better ... But these problems can be avoided.Help your child find "their" pet!

course, before you start an animal, you need to weigh all the "pros" and "cons".Whether there will be in your apartment place for the "newcomer"?Can you and your child pay enough attention, to provide complete care?If not, is not it better to abandon the live "toy" or purchase an animal, child care which is less complex?

If your child is still in the preschool years, then get ready for the fact that the main burden will fall on service pet on your shoulders.In any case, before deciding someone start, gather this animal as much information, read the tips on care of them ...

That does not prevent to know about the features of pets.

dog.Many attract their loyalty and devotion to their owners.But it is necessary to walk with the dog, and it is necessary to train.Therefore, if no one in your family does not have free time, then the idea should be abandoned.Besides, a lot of trouble with puppies: they need to be vaccinated to give a special diet, problems can arise when teething, etc.

Cat. soft, furry creature that it's tempting to stroke ... But do not forget that the cat scratched and rather capricious in nature.

kitten may refuse to play with your baby so as to be desirable, and it would be a cause for disappointment.And in cat food is often too whimsical.

Rodents - hamsters, guinea pigs, white rats, etc.

They can be very cute and fun to watch them.Besides, to them, it seemed to be less of a hassle than with cats or dogs: they are sitting in a cage!Meanwhile, there are nuances - the cage should be cleaned often to avoid unpleasant odor, it is necessary to ensure that a hamster or a rat did not run away ... And attempt to pat the animal can turn bitten by the blood of a finger.

Yes, and more.Age rodent is quite short, for example, breeds mice and rats live an average of 3-4 years.It is useful to think about how your child will react to this - perhaps the first - the experience of encounters with death.

Turtle. It's pretty pathetic and harmless creature, but it is a special joy the child is not likely to deliver: for her hair is not pat race not run, but still a little bug that has the property of hiding your head in the shell.As they say, to "fan"!

Birds. Adopt house singing canary, and especially parrots, which can be taught to speak, is very tempting.But is fraught with many problems: need to ensure that no bird flew out of the cell or from the apartment at night, she can not give you sleep your twitter, but on the wrong feeding easily give up the ghost ... Besides, "talking" parrotIt may be "silent", in spite of all your efforts.

Fish. Contemplation aquarium with floating multi-colored creatures in it entertains and calms.However, it is rather a decorative feature.After all, pet fish, play with her child can not.In addition, care for fish is not easy: the water should always be clean, with a certain temperature, the composition of the feed is also necessary to watch ... Fish are very gentle creatures and if properly take care of them, it can lead to tragedy.

Even if you are ready to comply with the request of the child's pets, do not rush to go at it on occasion.Or maybe your child and a new "tenant" just do not get together the characters?

If a child is affectionate, sociable, if he needs a companion for the game, then buy him a puppy.With proper training the dog will be a true friend to him.

fidget restlessly more appropriate cat: its presence will act on it calming, and stroked her hair, he will always be able to defuse accumulated excitation energy.

rodents as pets suit kids who like to contemplate.Such a child will be happy, watching the cell in which they live their lives hamster or guinea pig.

Turtle suitable child-introvert, quiet and unhurried.It will not irritate her sluggishness and inertia, he will even be able to "communicate" with your bug, as they exist as if in the same rhythm.

Birdy, you may want to start, if your child is too talkative.Avian scream creates the illusion of communication, and the baby will always be the source.

Fish - live entertainment for kids with a rich imagination, steeped in its own "magical" world ... It will empower the inhabitants of the aquarium nicknames and attribute to them certain traits ...

Bringing a pet into your home, make sure thatNot only were you comfortable with it, but it with you, and then your relationship is established full harmony!

Lyubimsky Daria

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