The main types of planning

In any planning is the subject of planning - one who is any plan, and the planning object - any operation on the implementation of MDM and prepared the plan.

to consider types of planning, it should be understood that by the form of the object are several types:

  1. production plan - it can be a balance, marketing, where tracks all deadlines processes taking into account the cycles of production and utilization of equipment, as well as resource whereplanned expenditures of resources.
  2. War;
  3. political;
  4. planning education;
  5. Social;
  6. planning movement;
  7. planning experiments;
  8. planning training and other types of planning.

also types of planning can be characterized by the length of the interval.There are distinguished technical and strategic planning.Strategic is the development of the system or the development of the operations connected with the change in the functions in the structure or the emergence of new high-quality performance.Operational or tactical planning defines the following options - based strategy and tactics designed to make quick decisions in achieving the objectives.

When there is a question of planning production operations, emit short, medium and long-term planning.Annual or short-term plans for a given technology make products specific set nomenclature.The medium-term plan suggests that there is a new products with new technical characteristics.It may be planning ROC modernization process technology and production preparation.Long-term planning carries a plan for development and is the most challenging to date.The problem is that there is no target to perform a particular direction.

There are also types of planning on the subject:

  1. Optimal planning, which is drawing up the implementation plans that carry the best meaning, as well as mathematical models expressing the statement of the problem of optimization.
  2. Suitable planning, is planned procedure of functioning of systems based on the options that are available from the structure.
  3. Adapted planning, which is a dynamic plan, on the basis of mathematical models with experiments.In this case, the plan is fully improved.

also distinguish these types of planning, which are based on knowledge of the future:

  1. Deterministic plan that offers the value of the future, this trend is very common.
  2. probabilistic planning.

planning can be dynamic and static.In dynamic coordinates are calculated for each individual time point.In planning the statistical components of the vector where the planned state of the system, are independent of time.

In terms of activity planning, it may be given as economic planning and management planning.

planning is itself an object, which is given to a special targeted program planning.This plan is a type of plan in which the activities are aimed at achieving the goal.If we talk in fact, in every sense of the method of planning is to direct this method to achieve their goals.Task scheduling method in many countries has established itself as the most reliable and accurate.But in Russia, the history of the planning carried out several other destinations.For Russian conditions are not always suitable method of western development plan.