What does the name of Sergei?

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What is the name of Sergei?Typically, this issue is of concern not themselves Sergeev, quite indifferent to the values ​​of all the names, but their immediate environment female.A man with the same name is usually distinguished by a special charm, a kind of appeal, and therefore enjoys particular success with the ladies.Well, look at all the options names.

What is the name of Sergei terms of history?

name history begins in times of prosperity of Rome.Sirius (or Sergius) called sons of high officials, so Sergey - is highly esteemed, noble and high-born people.If you look closely to the bearer of this name, you can really notice the plaque aristocratic or special treatment: each Sergei confident in its uniqueness.And there is a considerable element of truth.

What is the name of Sergei terms of horoscopes?

most famous astrologers believe that Sergey - is a person who loves life in all its manifestations and glorifying existence.There is hardly such a connoisseur of all pleasures.It miraculously hyperexcitability coexists with intuition and high intelligence - sexuality.Sergey - the name of a person who loves everyone in the world, but who knows the measure and rarely cross the line.He loves to taste new dishes, but rarely overeat.He loves women but never gets parallel novels.Fully given to the work, but does not sacrifice for the sake of career, personal life.Sergei loves money, but is not straining for their excess.

What is the name of Sergey for women?

companion Sergei can be sure of its permanence as long as he feels an interest in them.Sergi can not stand criticism, especially unfair irritated due to lack of attention, but rarely show their emotions.Only the woman who carried with him side by side for several years, is able to understand what is what kind of character trait Sergey will give today, impossible to understand.Sergei himself a soft spot for a quiet and gentle women.It is tolerant of the shortcomings of such persons, treating them with respect and tries every possible way to improve their lives.Tenderness and respect for her friends, a careful selection of friends and associates the ability to find like-minded people, love for all aspects of life - these are the characteristic features, which gives people the name of Sergei.Compatibility with other names such as wide as it is rich and diverse in nature.With him you can be happy and Rimma Nina, Tatyana, Valentina, Elizabeth, Darya.Women named Galina, Elizabeth, Irina, too, can count on reciprocity.But Larissa, beliefs, and Eleanor Allam should stay away from Sergei: these names are absolutely incompatible.

What is the name of Sergei in terms of profession?

Multifaceted nature allows Sergei show their versatility in the choice of profession.Artists, media representatives, scientists, military - all Sergius.They do an excellent job and creative work, and work that requires attention and concentration.The leaders of these make excellent, reliable and subordinates: developed intuition allows these people to easily adapt to the situation or to find the right compromise.