Astrological advice on weekdays

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each day of the week corresponds to a planet in astrology.On this day, her qualities are somewhat stronger.And, accordingly, there are things for which the day is favorable, and those who on this day is better not to do.


is managed by the Moon.Day restless, fickle, particularly in terms of emotions.Monday is good for admission to the house of the bride, medication and moxibustion.On this day as well write a book, build a house, to plant and sow, to give people something.Auspicious day for an intimate relationship.On this day, continues to do better than starting new ones.


Under the direction of Mars.Good for challenging court cases, search and punish intruders and thieves to find water and dig wells.Ancient in this day started the hostilities.It is a day of active initiatives, but only for personal - you can not enter into any joint transaction.Do not marry.


day ruled by the planet - Mercury.It promotes hardworking and sociable people favorable to sew new clothes, solve complex problems, crops, first trip anywhere, and to travel at all, the receipt of goods or lime crossings.A good day for intimate affairs.Wednesday - it's time to enter into business contracts apply, petitions.This is not a good day to complete the initiated, it is not necessary to solve and home affairs.


Jupiter, the manager this afternoon schedule advises big plans, grandiose events, but only collective.Mavericks he is quarrels and conflicts.But if you have to defend your rights, do not worry - justice will prevail.The day is favorable for prayer, teaching, practicing astrology for entry into a new position.


patron this day Venus encourages you to enjoy the beauty and harmony of the world, gave a sense of friendship, love, nourish them his soul.Forget for a day about important matters, meetings, do not assign responsibility for the day events.Think of the body and soul - enjoy a body cleansing.A good day to express their feelings, confessions, parties.A good day for the training of animals.


This day running of Saturn.Planet inclines you to reflect on the meaning of life, about the goal you set for yourself.Do not make new acquaintances, do not go to travel, especially long.


Festival of the Sun, joyful, fun day, but unfortunately, not for singles, closed people.On Sunday, aiming as much as possible to communicate with the children, because all of your teachings, they will be able to digest and are particularly well perceived.In general, the day meeting friends, new acquaintances will please you.But do not try on Sunday to finish the case started.

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