Dream Interpretation: Pregnant woman dreaming of change in life

In principle, many of the symbols of dreams, our readers might be interpreted independently.Perhaps not as detailed as specifically designed for this purpose of the book - downers, but more or less.Take, for example, a dream - a pregnant woman.What could mean such a symbol?Perhaps some changes are coming to life.

In fact, a pregnant woman in a dream in most cases represents just a difference in the lives of whom she dreamed of, in particular, if it is - man.In some cases, taking into account the specific circumstances that accompanied the character and his surroundings, is the dream may herald and not so good things.

Let's take for comparing several different books, relevant to our subject, try to make a comparative analysis and extract the maximum benefit for themselves.For example, look at the Nobles' dream book.A pregnant woman who is dreaming men, tells them about the changes in the affairs of the family.We assume that this is a good change, because pregnancy precedes the birth of a new life of

God that always pleases.

Again, the process of birth is associated with some difficulties, and even anguish, is not it?So says the dream book - a pregnant woman who allowed the burden, that is giving birth in a dream, foretells some difficulties in business ventures.In particular, difficulties arise at the end of a particular case, already at its end.If the dreamer is a man, and he dreamed that he is a fruit (all happens in dreams), in his life it begins a new period associated with the grandiose plans he had in real life bears lately.

says this dream interpretation, a pregnant woman with whom you're lying in bed - it's a good dream, promising pleasant changes in various spheres of life.Kohl man dreamed that a woman gave birth to a child, his love of reality is passionate and he gets hold of the attention of some passionate person.If a woman dreams that she is pregnant, it is not excluded psychological problems just with the fear of pregnancy.Or on the other hand, an abnormal desire for pregnancy in the real world.

Perhaps in this case, use the services of a good specialist in the field of psychology.But if the dreamer sees another woman pregnant, then it tends to success in everything, wealth, and in the economy will be in order.The dream is not good for the girls.I mean, if she dreamed that she was pregnant.This is treason.Who and who change is not specified, but still unpleasant.

anything good for women of advanced age does not promise the dream book.Pregnancy, especially if the dreamer herself - to the danger of her life.Be careful in everything, at least for a while.Bad for the dreamer and see themselves to give birth.In love, you will find happiness instead of cheating, and generally something bad can happen in life.The same, or something much more evil can happen in real life, if you dream you felt the birth pangs of flour.

Then we have a modern dream interpretation.A pregnant woman who dreams of that, which is really pregnant, reported that she was to give birth in real life would be easy, almost without pain.In other cases, women dream promises a failed marriage in the future.Bad for the girls to see themselves hatched offspring.She could face a skinny rumor shame.

Here is another source, which we have not looked or looked rare.It is called "of interpreters in 1829".It considered the symbol of dreams recognizes a good sign.In particular, if a person needs in a dream sees himself pregnant, the rich.But rich people dream does not promise anything good, and foretells the destruction, poverty, a minimum of trouble in business, in the business.