Freud Dream Interpretation: pros and cons

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Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud is considered the founder of classical psychoanalysis.He made an enormous contribution to the development of psychology.Popularity brought him work on the study of dreams, which is called "The Interpretation of Dreams."This work contains a reflection on the mechanisms of the scientist dreams about their role in people's lives.In the process of reasoning, Freud concluded that more significant than any experience that occurred in reality, the brighter and more colorful, it will appear in a dream.He also believed that the need to pay more attention to the interpretation of dreams.

scientists throughout history have worked on the issue of what is a dream.This gave rise to many hypotheses.Some thought that the dream contains memories about the day.There is another point of view, supposedly a dream devoid of any meaning and it come to us unrealistic images.However, Freud had a different opinion.He believed that the dream is an encrypted message that requires profound analysis.

Our life includes many prohibitions, and out of fear of disapproval surrounding the assessment we have to hide their true desires and motives, to replace them with others.Therein lies the cause of dreams: for the suppression of desires in reality, we see them already implemented in a dream, that is,our brains in such a way is a trick, to somehow ease restrictions - so says Freud.Dream book was written based on his work "Interpretation of Dreams", only this time not by a psychoanalyst, and other scientists.

Period popularity Dream Miller to the period of the 19th century, and dream interpretation of Freud, repeatedly republishing, became a bestseller of the 20th century.

Advantages interpreter of dreams Freud

Dreams Freud, in contrast to the dream book Lofa, does not contain any mysticism or any mysteries, it is not full of so-called esoteric dust.It contains only data that have been obtained through research in a series of experiments.But despite the fact that Freud's dream book devoid of mystical beginning, it is still considered one of the unusual and extraordinary interpreters of dreams.

The collection can be found in such everyday interpretation and firmly entered into the life of things, such as a house, car, food, aircraft and others.

Dreams Freud often treated very juicy.It is noticed that Freud's dream book is in great demand among males.

Now it's time to talk about the shortcomings of dream book.Interpretation of Dreams Freud originally, as it considered in the plane of dreams genitals.It is known that the main research scientist has focused on the psychology of love.Freud was convinced that it is necessary to study the relationship of instinct with dreams as a man driven by sexual instincts.For this reason, dream interpretation of Freud also called erotic.

Interpretation of Dreams, Freud is based on the concept of unconscious desires.In other words, all our unfulfilled dreams, unmet needs and unfulfilled thoughts find their way in a dream, and the main characters are erotic-founded.And if the algorithm to decipher the free associations, you can better know yourself, your true desires and causes lesions to transform their lives.

interpretation of dreams is to find the hidden meaning, the truth contained in each dream.The singularity of this interpreter is, according to him, had dreams do not predict the future.They are designed to help a person to understand themselves in their hidden desires.And it contributes to the attainment of inner peace.

great psychoanalyst was convinced that the dream - is not so much a scientific object, as a means of understanding themselves and others.