Why dream of kittens?

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In the dream with someone extraordinary things can happen: it can go riding on a dinosaur, to communicate with dead relatives, to perform their most forbidden desires.We can assume that between the realm of Morpheus, and our subconscious is a deal, according to which consciousness (in this case the victim) wants it to or not, takes shaped encrypted messages about their own needs and ways to implement them.

interpretation of such messages (dreams) are engaged individuals who, having studied a lot of material on the subject, creating something like dictionaries (downers).Such work could buy everyone who is interested in the interpretation of dreams, and with their help, can understand what he wants from our subconscious mind.

Sometimes in dreams with us terrible things happen, we wake up and rejoice that this nightmare (dream) is ended;and the interpretation it appears that predicts seen us happy changes in my life.But there is also another way: the pleasant moments in a dream may symbolize the trouble to warn of the danger.On one of these occasions, we will talk today.

What dreams kittens

kitten image is most of us following the association - a "soft", "fluffy", "harmless", "defenseless", "charm", etc.Pictures of kittens evoke positive emotions, a smile on people's faces;That is why many greeting cards, we see images of fluffy kittens.But interpreters of dreams in a hurry to disappoint us and convince us that happiness and positive does not belong to decipher dream about kittens.

One of my friends from Bulgaria is interested in the interpretation of dreams, her accent sometimes touches so that even bad news from her mouth softened special pronunciation of verbs in the infinitive.So recently, she anxiously on his face says, "Do you know what [withdraw] kittens?".Trying not smiled when he heard her regular mitigation, sit down more comfortable to grasp the serious, according to my friend, the information.

Do I know what dreams kittens?Perhaps not, but intuitively I understand that the positive interpretation is unlikely to have to wait.That's right, keeping anxious facial expression friend sends me vyuzhennuyu of books located nearby Oneiromancy information.

Kittens in a dream symbolize the near future the emergence of a variety of troubles, annoying bugs and small conflicts.

For women dream about kittens - a warning about the dangers that await her in the near future.If she dreams of fluffy kitten that pleases the eye and warms the heart in real life some of her entourage for a woman puts a trap, and does it not spontaneous and thinking through every detail.Therefore, we must act very prudently, to trust reason and common sense.

if in a dream, or squeal is heard meowing kitten, it's likely someone from the environment wishes you harm.Be alert, do not trust everyone, critically assess the situation.

If you dream you see dirty or skinny kittens that being too passionate glitter and tinsel, you do not notice someone else's misdeeds, for which he suffered.

To dream of dead kittens to disappointment: plans and outlined the case will be destroyed by small troubles that will haunt you one after another.Moreover, the culprit - your reckless actions.

If you dream you drown or bury the kittens, it is likely that you are waiting for the shame, disappointment, frustration (in some sources - abortion).

If a kitten dies in a dream for someone fun, someone you know is hurt you, ridiculing your feelings and the dreams.

To dream of like snakes kill kittens to the more or less positive is well known: your enemies are developing a plan to destroy you, but acting against you to hurt yourself.

What dreams kittens certain color?White kittens promise deception because of excessive credulity and naivete.If the kitten light caresses to you, someone close in need of care and attention.Dark Horses warn about the dangers and future troubles.

If you dream cat with newborn kittens, you should somewhat change its position: do not wish harm to others, or themselves can be affected.

What dreams kittens man?English Dream Book states that a young person is a signal of the severance of relations, on which he should decide.If you dream you are playing with a kitten and he bites or scratches, your fiancee has not the best character: whims, resentment, rancor - will cause you a lot of trouble, if the union is not dissolved.

Yeah, who would have guessed that the kitten, which you see in a dream, foretells so much negativity ...

My friend, who had disappeared from the face of the expression of anxiety, says: "What dreams kittens (downers in the hands of man, thirstyknowledge), we found out, and now let's learn what it means ... ".No, I've had enough for today, too much negativity for once.I am afraid to hand me the dream book gets long time ...