Pregnancy and smoking

In recent years the world has witnessed a frightening increase in the number of women smokers.For example, the results of studies conducted in the US, it appears that smokers are at least one third of all women and about 25% of women do not leave the habit even during pregnancy.Is it not better the situation is in other countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.It was also found that women belonging to lower social group, and unmarried women often lend themselves to this habit than others.

diseases associated with smoking

Many women do not realize that smoking during pregnancy is associated with a number of negative impacts.Smoking greatly increases the risk of various complications of pregnancy.Proved the existence of a close connection between smoking, on the one hand, and miscarriage and premature birth - on the other.Thus, women who smoke in the day of one or more packs of cigarettes, miscarriage rates 1.5 times higher than non-smokers.And if smoking is also combined with alcohol, the risk of miscarriage increases by 4.5 times.

Besides mortality rate during childbirth (sudden infant death syndrome) in mothers who smoke on average 30% higher than non-smokers.Particularly high mortality rate among women smokers twins.

smoking during pregnancy adversely affects the state of the peripheral circulation of women, which in turn leads to fetal hypoxia (lack of oxygen).This is because the carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke binds to hemoglobin in the blood, turning it into carboxyhemoglobin, unable to carry oxygen to the cells of the body, including to the growing body of the baby.

Due to lack of oxygen the fetus develops slowly, and this in turn leads to the fact that women who smoke, more often born premature infants weighing less than 2500 g, and with reduced other parameters (body length, head circumference and chestcells).

Nicotine affects fetal development

Nicotine is not only a negative impact on the overall development of the fetus, but also a cause of changes in the psyche of the baby.Tobacco use leads to violations of blood circulation in the body and is the main cause of partial blockade of blood flow to the brain of the child.This can lead to the birth of a baby with congenital abnormalities of the nervous system and mental disorders, even in some studies it is considered that there is a relationship between smoking and the birth of mentally retarded children with Down syndrome.

also proved that the effects of nicotine on the brain of the child in utero, making it more prone to smoking in adulthood.Of course the risk that these children try smoking is not higher than that of all other children, but if they start, the more likely will suffer from nicotine addiction.

There is also a relationship between smoking and severe congenital abnormalities in the development of the internal organs of children.Women who smoke often children are born with heart defects, defects of the nasopharynx (cleft lip, cleft palate - a congenital cleft palate), with inguinal hernia, squint.

Smoking in the second half of pregnancy

Especially dangerous is smoking during the second half of pregnancy when there is an active growth of the fetus, especially if the woman is anemic.Also, in the second half of pregnancy in women who smoke are more common toxicosis.Smoking during early pregnancy is no less dangerous.For example, mothers who smoke there is a higher rate of vaginal bleeding. Very often in pregnant women identified a variety of changes in the placenta, which are directly related to smoking:

- placental weight below normal;
- placenta is thinner, has a circular shape;
- there are ultrastructural changes;
- there is a violation of placental blood flow.

Smoking after birth

Mothers who smoke during pregnancy are likely to continue to smoke after birth, and affects the brain effects of nicotine will occur in breast-feeding, as well as inhalation of air in the house.A smoking in the house, as you know, has the greatest load harmful substances on the non-smokers.This reflects the risk of "passive smoking".

fat content of breast milk of smoking mothers are usually low.Nicotine is able to penetrate into the mammary glands of pregnant and lactating women, which is why they have been insufficient milk production, causing his mother very early ends breastfeeding, and in fact no infant formula can not fully replace breast milk.

Children born to smoking mothers are characterized by a slowdown not only physical but also intellectual and emotional development.They later begin to read and write, they are lagging behind in the growth of their peers.Smoking during pregnancy leads to the fact that a large number of children hospitalized for severe symptoms of pneumonia and bronchitis, have a very high risk of developing asthma at a young age.

Want a healthy baby - Quit Smoking!

So, for the birth of a healthy baby, you need to make every effort in order that would get rid of this addiction as smoking.Doctors believe that smoking during pregnancy has a great harm to the body like a woman and a child, and consider it their duty to warn mothers about the possible consequences of such a meek behavior.

your health and the health of a future baby depends on you!

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