How to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy

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Toxemia pregnancy accompanies almost every woman.There are two types of toxicity - early and late (he preeclampsia).Early morning sickness begins around the third month, and lasts about 12 weeks.In general, the time of occurrence of toxicity individually.Because of hormonal changes increase the rate of metabolism of both mother and child, metabolic products accumulate in the blood, and the body needs to get rid of them.Like any good mother would relate to their unborn child, in the physical sense, it is a foreign object, and the body has to adapt, get used to the fetus.The question of how to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy and whether to do it at all?

Unfortunately, to get rid of toxicity is not fully succeed.You can only reduce the severity of this process, helping the body of a pregnant woman to move it with minimal discomfort.Symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, food intolerance, sensitivity to smells, increased salivation, weakness, drowsiness, irritability, malaise, indicate toxemia of pregnancy.What should I do in this case?There are some basic rules that must be followed to reduce the effects of toxicity on the body of the pregnant woman.

Before you get out of bed in the morning, you need to eat a piece of stale bread, toast or crackers and drink water or juice.Breakfast need to prepare before going to bed.Houses have better lying down.If a pregnant woman out of the house, then it is advisable to take a light snack - fruit, biscuits, a bottle of water or tea with lemon or mint.The handbag should always be mints - in the event of sickness.If nausea also help citrus.

During pregnancy it is better to give up fried, spicy and greasy.The food should be light, and it must be taken frequently, but in small portions.Every 2-3 hours you can eat, such as apples or nuts.Food should not be hot or cold - just warm or chilled.When excessive salivation need to rinse your mouth with infusion of chamomile or sage diluted lemon juice is also nice.In short, the subject of these simple recommendations, a woman ceases to excite the question of how to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy.

Do not take the medication on their own toxicity.If necessary, you should consult with your doctor.It is best to periodically clean your body infusion of rose hips.Aromatherapy can also help with toxicosis - the most effective oils of peppermint, lemon, anise, rosemary, lemon balm.

often necessary to walk in the park or just outdoors.Journeys by public transport is best avoided, but if not, you should as far as possible to choose the front seat and look straight ahead, without turning his head.Stress and emotions too inappropriate.

What distinguishes nausea at a toxicosis from nausea caused by other diseases?When food poisoning after vomiting becomes easier when toxicosis relief does not occur immediately.And also different time.When poisoning retching continue as long as the body can not get rid of toxins, regardless of the time of day.If vomiting occurs mostly in the morning, the reason for this - toxemia of pregnancy.

If toxicosis occurs too hard, then it is cause for seeking medical attention.In the normal course of toxicity vomiting may occur up to three times per day.Early toxicosis is not dangerous to life and health of mother and child, while the later may lead to such consequences, such as pulmonary edema or brain hemorrhage.Only qualified, giving advice on how to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy, will take into account all the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy of a woman.

In particularly severe cases, when the acute problem of preserving the life of the mother, may be decided on the termination of pregnancy by artificial birth.Therefore, if symptoms of toxicity occur after 30 weeks of pregnancy, so even in a reinforced form as soon as possible to see a doctor.The earlier start to treat late toxicosis, the higher the probability of a favorable outcome of the pregnancy.

Summarizing, we can say with certainty that the question of how to get rid of toxemia of pregnancy may not be a clear answer.Each case is individual toxicity, despite similar symptoms.Therefore, the answer it must, firstly, specialist, and secondly, for every woman, there is only one answer to this question depends not only on the characteristics of its body, but also of the cumulative effects of pregnancy related factors and circumstances.