Test: Assessing readiness for kindergarten

it necessary to give the baby to kindergarten?And if so, at what age?And how to understand what the child is ready?So, let's order.

Is it worth it?

course - yes!After kindergarten - this is the beginning of human social life.His achievements, success and spiritual well-being depends on how well he has mastered the art of communication in childhood.And with good intentions, neither the parents nor the grandmother or nanny can not replace a child collective peers.

In addition, the kindergarten child will have to do everything myself, that not only speed up the process of formation of independence, but also lead to the development of a variety of other abilities.

Just how much?

question ambiguous, as the determining factor is not even the age and degree of readiness of the child.Some kids in a year and a half, happy to run a kindergarten, and there are those who in five years there will not drag - all individually.

How do you know?

Child's readiness for kindergarten is determined by a number of factors: biological, psychological and social.

diagnostics of biological maturity is usually engaged pediatrician.The criteria can serve as body size (height, weight, chest circumference) and the dental formula.Based on these data it is concluded that as the level of development of the child corresponds to (ahead / lags) his calendar age.

Under the social willingness to understand a child's ability to follow rules and obey the norms of behavior in society.It must: obey adults, not to disrupt discipline and carry a clear schedule established in the kindergarten.And also: be able to communicate, interact and cooperate with their peers.

about psychological preparedness can say if the child:

firstly, feels confident while away from home and in the absence of my mother,
secondly, knows how to occupy yourself,
third, pretty confident has the basic skills of self-service and personal care products: eat with a spoon, drink from a cup, goes to pot, wash pens, with a little help from an adult shoes / Razuvaev and dressing / undressing.

If you are still in doubt whether to give the child to the garden, use a special test.

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