Matrosskaya Tishina a philosophy

If anyone knows, Matrosskaya Tishina - a street in Moscow, close to the slowly flowing river Yauza between Sokolniki Park, and Transfiguration area.And besides the famous detention facility, which it is known to most people, it hides many other secrets.

Historical background

street appeared under Peter I. The Emperor arranged here sailing mill, and at her - Settlement to stay sailors released from service.The nature of his painful and the military, the street got back then, but later on it was preserved.Now there are jail number 1, TB clinic, a psychiatric hospital and car repair plant.Residential buildings - is built in the style of constructivism in the 1920s, working town.The building wagon factory during the revolutionary 1917 was the headquarters of the rebels Sokolniki district.

Almost all buildings are built from the street red or maroon brick monochrome violated their greens and numerous flowering limes.The street is very old Moscow, preserved among the capital's mad noise its slow and ill charm.

history insulator

during the Great Catherine began the history of the famous places of detention.In 1775 there was opened a penitentiary for "prederzostnyh."Moscow correctional prison there in 1870.New buildings for it in 1912 was built by architect BA Alberti.It is interesting that he was a native of the locations of the Don Army.It is also known as the author of one of the monuments on the Borodino field.In 1918 there appeared a correctional facility for minors.Only after Stalin's death in 1956, there appeared the famous prison "Matrosskaya Tishina".This is the first detention center of the Moscow police.On the territory of the insulator "Matrosskaya Tishina" is another, higher level, who is not subordinated to Moscow Police, and the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, where at various times contained members of the Emergency Committee, Khodorkovsky, Rutskoi and Mavrodi.


the entire history of the insulator was recorded only one successful escape from the "Matrosskaya Tishina".His 1995 makes a killer gang Kurgan, artist dozens of successful killings, including killings of criminal authorities, Alexander Solonik.Escape this remains a mystery, but he explained, if you believe in that famous killer served in a top-secret organization, "White Arrow", the secret intelligence service of the Russian government, which deals with the removal of the kings of the underworld.

In the 2000s there were two attempts to escape, but the prisoners detained during the day.It is also known to all more or less successful attempts to these fugitives: Oleg Topalov, Alexander Yershov Vasily Slavgorod, Alexei Dyulgera.

Protects Matrosskaya Tishina Street and all its inhabitants the Church of the Annunciation, once (in 1907) was built for the soldiers and officers who lived in the adjacent barracks sapper.Now the restoration of the holy place has been the headquarters of the Airborne Forces, also located nearby.