Cleaning of snow from a house roof

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Program preventive maintenance should include such inspections (before and after the most aggressive seasons of the year, after every major storm), as the removal of any foreign objects (trees, sticks, leaves, dirt, etc.), repair of bubbles (cavities or air moisture, which are formed in an array of the roof), snow removal from the roof of the house, control of all parameters, maintaining symmetry.The fact that the roof is under warranty, does not mean that the service is not to be engaged.In fact, the rejection of the regular inspection of the roof may entail cancellation of warranty rights.
Inspection.As part of the inspection of the condition of the roof must be documented and preserved certified photos.This is particularly important if a leak is detected.After that, should identify the location of the spill and to identify documented conditions when a leak occurred (in particular, the rate and speed of air flow, temperature, etc.).It is also necessary to pay attention to whether someone is on the roof to leak.Basically we need more scrutiny by experts.

internal survey of the roof should be done about twice a year.Control after the summer will help to identify the possible deformation due to high temperature and solar radiation.When the check is spent on time, there will be time before the onset of cold weather to repair.The inspection must be carried out in early spring to determine damages in the winter.Especially if the cleaning of the roof was carried out irregularly.In addition, the need to carry out inspections in such force majeure climatic conditions like tornadoes.Special attention during the inspections should be given to the site of the roof, where there may be openings (eg exhaust port), the places where the output of air from the room.Kitchen hoods ought to carefully set to ensure proper removal of steam.
Other types of inspections sometimes include taking core samples and using gentle control, such as thermal imaging.Main samples are taken through the roofing material and sent for examination.The most main aim here is the determination of the presence of H2O or damaged parts of the roof, which prevents cleaning icicles from roofs.The main type of test is sparing termovizualizatsiya using infrared cameras.Thermovisors can detect moisture in the ground by deformation roofing surface temperature fluctuations.Thermovision is an additional service for which a maintenance contract is made.