How to make a portal to "Maynkraft" into the world of Hell, Paradise and other worlds?

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When you start the game, your character is in a world that is largely similar to the present: around the green lawns that give way to forests, mountains and deserts.Through it all, the rivers that flow into the big seas and oceans.However, in this world there are rather unusual creation, you can find strange materials, but otherwise it is quite normal.And the players believe that it is unique.This is a pretty serious mistake, because in reality they lose a lot.After all, "maynkraft" is not one world.There are two parallel, in which you can get via portals.Additional locations are added using mods.In this article you'll learn how to do a portal to "Maynkraft" in a world different from the initial one.After all portals - it is the only way to travel between worlds, so you have to learn how to create them.

portal to the Lower World

The first alternate world, you can visit - this lower world, the majority of players who simply called Hell.How to make a portal to "Maynkraft" into the world of Hell?The recipe for success is very simple, but you may have some problems with the production of materials.The fact that the portal should consist of obsidian, which is generated at creation of the world.And crafted it you can not.How then can it get?

you need to know a trick.You need to make sure that the source of lava fell running water, otherwise you will turn ordinary instead of obsidian stones.To create the portal you need fourteen obsidian blocks, and if you have got hold of them, you can start the construction of the portal.Passage it should be two to three blocks, i.e. a result obtained rectangle with an empty space in the center.To fill it out, you'll need a lighter, which is created from flint and iron ingots.You need to activate the lighter next to the portal, then the emptiness inside him tightened purple layer, through which you can already go to hell.However, this is not the only option available to you.Learn how to make a portal to "Maynkraft" End to the world.

Portal End

second world that exists in the original version of the game - it's End.If you think about how to make a portal to "Maynkraft" End to the world, then you should think twice.The fact that the trip is one-way: the developers added the world to the players who are tired of playing without throwing process, and completes it, teleport to the last world and killing the main boss - the dragon.This portal will not have to build - it is only necessary to activate it.To do this, you will need to kill in the Lower World Endermanov and Blaise to align the eyes and powder, which are obtained from the very elements that you want to insert into the holes on the portal.It can be found in the caves - it's natural structure, and you activate the portal immediately when inserting received stones.

Portal to Paradise

most popular world, added the mod - is Paradise.It creates a portal about the same as in Hell, but instead of obsidian you need to find gloustoun - material which can only be obtained in the Lower World.Create the same arch, you will need to pour water into it.You will see a blue veil through which you have to go to be in the new world.

Other worlds

You can also do in the "Maynkraft" portal to the world herobrin - is just one of many examples.All of them are informal and added to the game via modifications.But you can choose what you like best, download, install and start the journey through uncharted locations.Add the "Maynkraft" portal to the world Endermenov and many other interesting and fascinating worlds!