As in "AIT" to create a server for your friends?

All gamers know that a "GTA: San Andreas".One of the most popular computer games of all time, and certainly among the most impressive in the current series, she has managed to keep the attention of millions of players around the world, it is an ideal action, saturated with various events and giving the opportunity to act freely, as the world is completely open.But what does this has "AIT"?What is this all about?And why so many people are interested in "AIT" to create a server.This is what you and learn from this article.

Download Server

So "MTA" - is a multiplayer addition to the "GTA: San Andreas," which caused a real shock to the gaming community.The fact is that prior to this, none of the projects of the series did not support multi-user mode.But here it is not just added - it also made a separate, making it possible to give players incredible freedom of action, not only in a single game, but in multiplayer mode.Naturally, everyone wants to know how to "MTA" to create a server to play there with friends in such a great and epic game.Make it not so difficult, but will have to dig a little bit with the settings, but if you plan many activities - tinker with PR.In this case, all the problems you can save ready server "MTA", but have to pay for it with real money.The amount will be the higher, the more players involved already on the server.But still you'd better think about the creation of an independent server, since this version is free.For a start, you need to download a special program that will install the server on your computer.This is the first step to understanding how to "MTA" create a server - but there is still a lot of work.

Server Setup

When your server is installed on your computer, you will need to configure it to run.It will have to dig in the configuration files - without it you will not know how to "MTA" to create a server.You will only be able to install the software, but it will remain a dead weight on your hard drive.Therefore, go to the folder that contains the files, config files, choose the one that corresponds to the mode you want - and enter it in the name of your server, IP-address and port, as well as the maximum number of players that can simultaneously be on the server.In fact, this is the answer to the question of how to create a server in the "MTA" - these are the most important parameters and, with them you can already run the server and call friends.

Creating a database administration

After the basic settings you will need to change just one file which is responsible for the rights of the game.There you can register the nicknames of players in the respective groups, if you want to empower them.Of course, first of all you need to record your nickname as a manager - and that's if you wish you can stay, because a small server does not need a lot of administration.If your server is large, you may need and assistant administrator, and moderators.

Other settings

Well, then you can safely run the server and play, but it would be too boring.The fact that you only spent basic required settings, without which the operation of the server is not possible.To transform it and make it unique, you will need to spend a little more time for the settings.You can set a variety of parameters of the game and play areas - all this can be prescribed in the config.Moreover, you will have to change a lot of the game when you act as the administrator.