How to tame a pig in "maynkraft" or all of the pigs

So today we will talk with you about how to tame a pig in "maynkraft."The thing is that every animal in this incredible world plays a role.With each of them can get the resource, which is necessarily required when crafting.So let's quickly look at these animals.


Before tame pig in "maynkraft," is to talk about why we need to do to communicate with the wild world of the game.Let's try to understand.

As already mentioned, all the animals, including pig "Maynkraft" - a source of a particular resource.Typically, animal origin.They can be used to cook food and to craft a variety of subjects.Pig - a great way to get the pork.

There is one small and unusual property.This is an opportunity to ride on the pig.It can ride.However, it can be done only with the saddle in hand.Another way to drive fail.Now let's take a closer look at how to tame a pig in "maynkraft."


Well, if you have already met with the animals, it is worth noting that the pigs stagger aimlessly back and forth in space.So what should it somehow limit, for example, to build a corral.In "Maynkraft" pig must live somewhere.We'll have to reflect a bit on this issue.

Before tame pig in "maynkraft", you will need to do the construction.Near his home farm or take away a spacious free area.It is a fence to enclose.Now put the gate where the entrance is.That's it - the pen ready.But why is it needed?

Building pen - it is an important process.As you can see, many of the animals are very fond of escape.Thus, even tamed beast can pull up stakes out of your possessions.We'll have to re-look and drive it home.Not the best option.So after you've built a corral, you can proceed to other phases.With them we are now met.We obtain


Well, now it is necessary to think how to get the animal to follow you.If you drive on the territory of the poor, do not achieve the desired result.We need bait.But that eating pig "Maynkraft"?

In order to be able to somehow lure the animal to itself, we need carrots.It is the most common vegetable in the game.When used it restores a bit of health character.Carrots can be used in crafting.It is distracting from the zombies as a rare item is.However, it is more logical to grow carrots in the garden.For the rapid growth of bone meal used.

Carrots can be used for bait and breeding pigs in the game.So if you plan to do farming and animal husbandry, it is best to stock up on this food.Grown carrot?Then let's think about how to tame a pig in "maynkraft."

Get to the point

Now we can proceed directly to the domestication.True, the idea can be realized is not the first time.That is why it is best to keep in stock a lot of carrots.

first step is to find a "victim" in the meadow, or any open area.They saw the pig?Then, armed with a carrot.They took up a vegetable?Great.Now it is necessary to somehow cause the animal to follow you.

Start slowly approach the pig to not to frighten her.But this is a very cowardly creatures.Gently carrot and pig show it moves back to his home.When an animal is interested, you need to make sure that the interest is not lost - otherwise Piggy simply stop and will not go after you.From time to time, let carrot pig.So bring it to the pen, open the gate and the pound to the animal.Now you can give piggy a carrot and leave, closing the gate.That's all.Now that you know how to tame a pig in "maynkraft."