Wisdom Stars: how to conquer a man

Men of different zodiac signs require different types of partner.So charming liked the man, is not only to make every effort to stay with him, but also to think hard about how long you soak your union.This will help our small horoscope.

(March 21-April 20)

Aries is very energetic and assertive.Many women can easily fascinated by this energetic and businesslike Aries in personal relationships and quickly cede his onslaught, but most often it is the way to defeat.Aries can quickly cool down, losing interest in a defeated woman and go towards new adventures.

ideal partner for Aries does not give up at once.She holds a partner in constant tension, leaving himself the right to their own interests and friends, thus as if escaping, remaining inaccessible and unconquered.

We must not forget that Aries necessary atmosphere of complete trust.A flirtation with another man can make him jealous and will make in your relationship and more passion, but suddenly surfaced your affair is likely to destroy everything.

(April 21-May 21)

It may take a lot of time and effort on your part to man Taurus realized the need strong bond with you.Taurus is often very thorough, sensitive and sentimental person.Since marriage - this is a very serious step, the Taurus need to weigh everything and understand that marriage will bring him benefit.

Chosen Taurus must be skillful hostess, worthy mother of his future children to be good in bed as Taurus attach great importance to the quality of sex.

(May 22-June 21)

For men it is important to find the Gemini partner primarily girlfriend, with whom he will not be bored.Age of the partner, its appearance, social status and reputation may be of secondary importance for the Twins if he will get the pleasure of communicating with her.

main difficulty - to make this new relationship permanent.On the road to success you had better forget about jealousy and suspiciousness: remember the unstable nature of the Gemini and his sociability.Help this eternal child can settle down or woman who is able to be very versatile, or as a strict but loving "mom", which will forgive him his freedom-loving character and unpredictable behavior.

(June 22-July 23)

man Cancer often not able to be passionate and impulsive in the relationship.He prefers love emotion, trying to be polite and pointed out with the opposite sex.Male Cancer is largely man mood vulnerable, prone to secret experiences.

better not to think about it during the past lovers, as well as to talk on everyday topics.But the ability to be strong, able to support the Cancer man in a moment of weakness or depression can contribute to a very trusting relationship.

Well, if next to you timid and shy cancer will be able to feel like a knight, and you will see the most ancient heroine of the novel.Such an atmosphere can have a positive impact on his male activity.In general, the Cancer man is better not to hurry, and let him go through all the stages of courtship and socializing gradually.

(24 July to 23 August)

best way to impress a man of Leo - is to be in the spotlight, on the podium and receive countless compliments and courtesies.He is very vain and often married not only for themselves but also for others who have to admire how he himself and his woman.

Leo could enjoy, if a lady behaves playfully and openly flirts with other men, teases them, but clearly prefers him, inimitable, and magnificent.

(August 24-September 23)

If you decide to charm a man Virgo, should not rush.He divides all women to those with whom he was comfortable, and those with whom he did not succeed.
man Virgo certainly interested in the past, women, so it is necessary to submit a biography as much as possible.It will get the pleasure of communicating with a woman, if it is possible to talk about everyday things, such as work.

He often stingy in the manifestation of their feelings, so the seriousness of his intentions would have to be judged by analyzing their behavior and attitude towards you.

tidy, serious approach to life and a sharp mind - a trump card in its relations with a male virgin.It should be noted that Virgo, not being able to openly express their feelings, are very timid and shy in matters of intimate life.

(September 24-October 23)

Men Scales - aristocratic nature, gallant and charming, able to present yourself nicely, make a good impression.They are rarely alone.
likely to try to get the attention of Libra, you have to wait your turn.Women who want to conquer the man Libra, must have taste similar to its taste.

Remember that Libra men are by nature conflict-free.This is a useful quality to help smooth things over with the further development of relations.

(October 24-November 22)

Scorpio man often enjoys strong impregnable women who desire to win.If you want only to flirt and have fun, it is enough to just be frank.Scorpio is likely to take your sexual challenge.For serious relationship with a Scorpio you have to endure a real fight and eventually let yourself win.

But there is another option - to become a companion and friend.This will allow you to get close to Scorpio, and ... fight with him (and he is constantly fighting, peaceful life for the Scorpion does not exist).Such an alliance could soon lead to a bed battles, after which you will become even closer friends.

(November 23-December 21)

Not so hard to win and keep a man Sagittarius.He just need to feel that the initiative in a relationship comes solely from him.If you appear regularly with Sagittarius in the community, to share his interests and support his point of view in the debate, it eventually will allow him to see you as a true friend and companion.

Typically, Sagittarians love sports, and noisy parties, so you need to be prepared for active recreation with this man.Sometimes Sagittarius jokes and humor has a very unique and can sometimes pass for a frank rudeness.

Therefore, if you decide to conquer the Sagittarius better unlearn be serious and critical.Think of it as a big baby reacts with laughter at his antics, be able to translate everything into a joke.Forget about jealousy, Sagittarians can not stand the showdown.

(December 22-January 20)

Men Capricorns are very prudent.This applies to all, including romantic relationships.They need to ensure that his wife would be a reliable refuge and support, to help in time of need, give them the necessary weight in society.
heart of Capricorn almost always subordinate to reason that prevents him to surrender to love with all my being.He did not romantic.

Men love this sign when a spouse is interested in their affairs, as far as possible to help them in their endeavors.They appreciate good manners and elegance of women.Going into the image of the chosen men of Capricorn, you need to follow it to the end.

(January 21-February 19)

Men Aquarians charming but unpredictable.They could break your heart, and do not even notice.Before you start to win Aquarius, you need to weigh everything properly, make sure that this is the man you need.

spiritual food for Aquarius is often more important than the material - he likes to interesting conversations, friendly company.It is in these companies may be the first attempt to charm the man.It welcomed extraordinary deeds, extravagant appearance, the ability to be in the spotlight.As long as there is the mystery of the woman and something unusual, Aquarius passionate about it, and it seeks to understand.

(Feb. 20-March 20)

Men Fish need to be understood, then he will feel happy.Let him say that he considers it important to patiently listen, and you will certainly be his close friend.You can share your favorite books with him, start a conversation on philosophical theme that everything went by itself, and began a relationship.

should not behave abruptly and orthodox because Pisces men are very tender and vulnerable, no matter how strong may seem from the outside.Poor woman, which requires support and protection of a strong man, a man may be disappointed with the Fish.

But if you feel strong enough to guide the philosophical power of Pisces in simple everyday channel, and to receive from the man's sincere love and adoration, then this is your kind of man.